I wanna get away

There is something about summer that makes me want to just…get away! I am DYING to leave town and go on a vacation. To pretty much anywhere. Las Vegas and South Lake Tahoe are especially calling me right now.

Last summer I went to Vegas twice, (I know, life is rough) and had a blast both times. I don’t exactly fit the mold of the typical Vegas party girl. I don’t drink copious amounts of alcohol in one sitting, or very often, I despise cigarette smoke, I have extremely bad gambler’s luck and bring it like a black cloud to anyone around me, and I don’t like to go to clubs and dance with strange sweaty people. There is something magical about Vegas that makes all of the above, if not exciting and fun, at least tolerable. I drank,  I danced, I gambled, I tolerated the smokey casinos and did it all with a smile on my face.

The best part of Vegas for me is the amount of things to do, see and eat. I got to attend the first ever UFC Fan Expo, which was AWESOME! I met MMA fighters, checked out all the coolest new fight stuff, watched a grappling tournament my friend Tom competed in. I also got to eat at yummy places, stay in lovely hotels, and play all day and night, and I was present for the wedding of some of my favorite people, yeah I’m talking about you Tom and Tiffany!

I didn’t get around to doing nearly any of the exciting touristy things, like take in a Cirque or burlesque show,

go on any of the casino rides and attractions like the Manhattan Express at New York New York, or ride in a gondola at the Venetian.

And I didn’t get to rub elbows with any celebrities that frequent Vegas, or call this hot city their home.

But I did get to eat at the best burger place ever, Burger Bar at Mandalay Place, walk the strip and drink an alcoholic slushie, stay in one of the most comfortable beds  ever at Treasure Island, which of course has a PIRATE SHIP out front!

Tahoe of course, holds a special place in my heart because it is where Billy and I got married 🙂 We also spent a Labor Day weekend there one year, and it was fantastic! We got to ride a super charged jet ski, watch fireworks over the lake, eat at yummy places, stay at the luxurious MontBleu Resort and had ourselves a fantastic time.

Pretty much any vacations sounds good to me right now. Another factor that is making me wanna get away, my Virgin America flight credit that is expiring on August 2. If I don’t use it, then I lose it, and I desperately DO NOT want to lose it, but it looks likes that is gonna happen.

So instead of running off to Vegas, or Tahoe, I will continue to dream about how lovely those places are, and the fun  I could be having!


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