How would you get yourself fired?

Billy recently told me about a conversation he and his co-workers had while checking in inventory, and I am dying to share it with you!

The conversation ended up going to “if I were rich, what would I do to get fired?” Billy’s answer was awesome, and very Billy. He said “I would use my new Android app of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie quotes to answer customers.” Billy’s boss was quite intrigued, and asked that they role play a conversation to see how this scenario would play out. She quickly made up a character, and began asking Billy things like “this tint is too dark, I want transitions now!” to which Billy used his Arnold app to say “Stop it! Stop whining!”. She then said “stop whining?! how dare you, I’m going to talk to your manager now!” Billy answered “You son of a b word!” Which lead to the customer asking “what’s your name, I’m going to report this!” and Billy replying “I’m detective John Kimble! I’m a cop!” Topped off with “I hope you like fist, because I’m about to ram mine into your stomach!” and then “Whose your daddy, and what does he do?” Billy and his co-workers dissolved into giggles and continued on with their day, but it got me thinking, how would I get myself fired if money wasn’t an issue?

I have a hard time answering that, because I am self-employed as a hairstylist, and I really love the family I work for as a nanny, so I would never want to do anything to get canned from either. There are previous jobs that make me wonder what I could have done to burn my bridges in a blaze of glory though! I might take a page from the white board girl’s book, and take photos of myself with an “I quit” sign and e-mail them to the whole office (if I worked in an office), or if I had a terrible boss, expose them for their dastardly deeds etc. Wait, you don’t know about the white board girl?? Well now you gotta check this out! I think I have been pretty lucky in most of my jobs to have enjoyed what I was doing, and not had too many terrible situations. It doesn’t hurt that I am notorious for completely blocking out any and all bad memories from my brain and not being able to recall them later on. This is the only plus side, as it’s terrible on my memory.

What would you do to get yourself fired if money were not an issue, and burning bridges a viable option???

Bay Vista 5k

I completed my 2nd 5k this past weekend! The inaugural Bay Vista 5/10k in San Mateo was a huge success, with top name sponsors, a huge turnout, and super great organization, overall I was super impressed.

Not only was I impressed with the event, I am impressed with myself as well. My last 5k I completed in 30:31, and this time around I wanted to come in under 30 minutes. I ended up shaving off 3 minutes from my finishing time, coming in at 27:28! I sustained a 9 minute mile pace for most of the race, even with a gargantuan hill in the last half mile. I attribute my faster time to not having 12 creek crossings to slow me down, and perhaps the donut I ate the night before helped fuel me too (but I doubt it)!

Official times were posted online today. I came in 43 overall, and 6 in my age group (20-29) for women.

I think one of my favorite parts of this race was the goody bag!! Lululemon was a sponsor, and they provided the bag, which I have wanted, but could never afford to shop there to just get the bag. There were samples of several kinds of granola, rocktape, a Larabar and other goodies as well as a book of coupons and info on sponsors. The requisite race t-shirt I received was equally snazzy, and is made of dry-fit material and fitted to the body. This is unusual for race shirts, as they are normally unisex brands with a funny picture or sponsor’s names on it, and made of cotton.  I feel like I made our like a bandit! I probably wouldn’t do the Henry Coe 5k again, but this I would!

My friend Fraggle was my support staff for this race, as Billy was working and NO ONE else volunteered off my Facebook posting that begged for a friend. I thought it was funny that I got no other responses, even people saying “sorry gotta work/I’m busy” etc. I hold no grudges, it was just interesting to see.

Here are the few pictures we took at the race, it’s pretty hard for anyone to capture the action of a run, but Fraggle did alright, he at least caught me coming through the finish line 🙂

Heading to my place in the 9-11 minute pace group pre-race. I’m a happy camper.

Finish line. Why are there never any good action shots of me running? Just once I’d love a photo of me all stretched out, graceful and lithe. Sigh.

On my cool down post-race, again with the waving.  Oh well, it was over, I was happy!

Nick’s on Main

Just thinking about our dinner is sending me right back into amazing food afterglow, so bear with me if drool ends up on your screen while you read this!

This past Christmas, our amazing and dear friend Dave (AKA Fraggle) gifted Billy and I with a certificate to Nick’s on Main, a lovely restaurant in Los Gatos. He had never been there himself, but was interested so he figured we would be too. Life can be busy, so we hadn’t gotten around to eating there until this past Wednesday. Billy and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a little late by heading to Nick’s for dinner, on Fraggle! Both of us were off work, so we called ahead and made a reservation and hoped for the best. It was better than expected, better even then we could have hoped for!

Nick’s on Main is a tiny restaurant, with the namesake Nick in residence daily cooking up some amazing dishes, greeting clients, even taking phone reservations believe it or not. The menu changes seasonally, with specials varying by what’s fresh. Billy and I both agreed ahead of time that we would be adventurous and try new foods and be open to unexpected things. I think we were in luck! I started my meal off with the orchard salad which had dried apricots, silvered almonds, goat cheese and a peppery vinaigrette, while Billy opted for the wild mushroom soup. That wild mushroom soup was phenomenal!! I cannot believe the complexities in taste that a bowl of creamy soup could offer. It was perfectly seasoned, and light while being rich and creamy. It was hands down our favorite part of the entire meal, but everything else was great too!

For our entrées, Billy ordered the bacon and blue cheese prime rib eye with pommes frites and sautéed Brussels sprouts, which I ended up eating, as Billy thought they were “just garnish” haha

I had the pan roasted pheasant breast in a port wine and cherry reduction sauce with creamy polenta and French beans sautéed with bacon (I skipped the bacon, but it made a difference, taste wise!) Pheasant does taste like chicken, but with more flavor and texture. It was so delicious, I would have it again!

This is where I share an amazing bit of food fact with you about Billy, he is a cheeseburger man. He would take a cheeseburger over any other food, any day of the week, and every steak he has ever eaten he says he would have preferred a cheeseburger instead. This night however, he enjoyed his steak, and did NOT want a cheeseburger instead! This says something for Nick’s prime rib eye steak!

We hadn’t anticipated the dessert options, and ate till we were stuffed during dinner, but once we heard the selection, we knew we would have to make room, because there was no leaving without trying something! I had the warm banana bread pudding in a rum sauce, which is a restaurant favorite. It was heavenly, so glad I ordered it! Though Billy is no fan of bananas, he does like banana bread, and enjoyed this dish to help him cut through the richness of his.

Billy went with the chocolate peanut butter mousse, because aside from cheeseburgers, chocolate and peanut butter combined is his favorite thing to eat. It was so rich and decadent, I could only manage a few tiny bites, and he wasn’t able to finish, even with the help of my banana bread pudding to help him through.

I have always wondered how people remember truly remarkable food, and can come up with an answer to “what’s your favorite thing you have ever eaten?” I now have my own answer to this question, and it would undoubtedly be the meal we had at Nick’s on Main!

I brought my awesome Olympus Pen along, but like the silly girl I am, I left the memory card in my computer from dumping photos from the music video shoot, so I couldn’t use it. Instead, we used Billy’s HTC Evo Android phone, which has an 8mp camera to take the photos in this post. I think it did a pretty good job!

I wore a LBD from Target that I picked up awhile ago, but haven’t gotten to wear yet because the zipper is finicky and doesn’t like to go up all the way. I was determined to wear it, so I zipped it up before I put it on, and the wriggled it on over my head, which was hilarious I am sure! I love the pockets on the dress! I have also been playing with my clip in extensions this week, and putting them into my favorite summer hairstyle, the side pony!


Oh man, I can’t believe they were able to edit and produce this quickly! Guys, here is the music video for ‘Spin” by Northern Son we shot on Tuesday (yes, that’s yesterday!!) I was happy to help with hair, wardrobe changes, and providing some comic relief wherever I could with my fantastic finger mustache. I was a little obsessed, you will see in the photos 😉 By the way, it was shot at the Old Wagon Saloon in downtown San Jose. The old western feel to the bar is wonderful, I want to throw a theme party there now!

Enjoy the video for ‘Spin’ now!

the vacation plans

I feel like a kid out of school for summer vacation! I know some schools started today, but for me, it was the start to 5 days off, so it’s summer break!

I started my vacay off productively, with a 6:45am run with my good friend Sharon (you know, the rockstar that does triathlons and marathons whom I sometimes run with?) and then promptly went back to sleep for a few more hours. Once I deemed it late enough to wake up for a vacation schedule, I put on my adorable turquoise bandeau top bikini with the ruffle skirted bottom and headed to the pool with Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. This book so far is amazing. I have really enjoyed reading it, and am taking my time because I am enjoying it so much, which is unusual for me. It was actually warm enough for me to venture into the pool for a bit, and I clung to the side and read while I submerged the rest of myself under the perfectly cool water. I love that the pool is pretty much always deserted when I happen to be there, it’s like a private pool! Oh, I decided I need some sort of big floppy sun hat to wear, so my face can stay shaded while I am out in the sun. I will have to look for one this week!

After I was nice and toasty, I headed back to the apartment and spent the afternoon trolling Facebook, catching up on my favorite blogs, and being deliciously lazy. I did hit my wall of lazy though, as there is only so much I can handle before I go crazy, and decided I would head to the mall for some retail therapy. I took my time, heading to my favorite stores (NY&Co, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Ann Taylor Loft) and happened to pick up a fun dress! I had several to try on, hoping to find one for my friend Michelle’s annual birthday dinner in September, and though I like the one I chose, I don’t know if it will be my pick for the dinner.

Billy had some priceless responses to the dress when he got home and I tried it on for him. First, he said  I looked “like the bee girl from that Blind Melon video!” and then “oh, if you pull it down a little, you would look like a slutty Hamburgler!” Neither of those were what I was hoping for, but once I accessorized it and had on fun heels, he liked it better 🙂 Silly husbands! What do you think of the dress? I was attracted to it because it has a tutu like skirt, and a comfy stretchy striped top. Mind you, I am much curvier than the Forever 21 model in the photo, but you get the idea. I ended my mall trip with awesome raspberry and dark chocolate gelato, which was to die for! I love ice cream, but there is just something about gelato that just does it for me. I think I would gain 10 pounds if I ever made it to Italy, because I would eat my weight in gelato while I was there!

Billy and I took in a later dinner at the Elephant Bar in Campbell. They have a late night happy hour from 9pm to close that is a super good deal. I had lettuce wraps, Billy had a burger and fries, we split macaroni and cheese, and a brownie, and had a drink a piece, and our bill was $24 and change. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me! The portions are smaller, so it was nice to not have giant plates of food that I would probably have eaten too much of, and the prices are a steal. Our waitress seemed to be having a bad night, so we tipped her well. I hope she wasn’t angry about having to work the bar closing shift and serve the people who kept coming in even though it was late. I am not that compassionate for the service industry. I work in it, so I know what it takes to gives good service with a smile, and how lame it is to be mean, rude or dismissive of your patrons, but Billy was nice and was stoked to be on his “Friday” and have two days off ahead of him, so he was good to her. I wish I were a nicer person sometimes, but it takes too much effort!

Tomorrow, I will be teaming up once again with the wonderful people of Element 151 productions, and doing hair and makeup for a music video for a local band called Northern Son. My friend OJ is their guitarist, and I went to school with a few of the band members (though I wasn’t friendly with them), so I am excited to be a part of this project. The treatment for the video sounds really neat, and I can’t wait to have a video to post up for everyone to see, but I can’t get ahead of myself now 🙂

Wednesday and Friday my plans are much the same as today, sloth it up, hit the pool, run, but nothing definite. Thursday I am heading to San Francisco to do some sight-seeing and really check out the city with my lovely friend Lexie, and  I can’t wait to take lots of pictures to show you! We want to walk the Golden Gate bridge, check out Golden Gate Park, eat at lots of great SF gems, and see more of the city than I am used to. My regular repertoire for visiting SF is hit the marina and Embarcadero for Fisherman’s wharf, Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, or Union Square for touristy things, or head straight to whatever venue the concert I am attending is at, and leaving immediately after. Do you have any SF must lists for me to check out? We plan on spending the entire day there, so I want to fit in as much as possible.

More updates and details of my excursions to come!

Happy Friday!

The end of the week is upon us, and the weekend stretches forth in front of us. I have a wedding this Saturday for the lovely Tiffany Stevens at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, and clients at the salon both days, too.

I am looking forward to next week, as it begins my 5 days off, and I can’t wait to sleep in, lay out by the pool, read for hours on end, and see friends. I usually plan out my days and weeks into minute detail, but I think I will just go with the flow for this one, and only have a few things planned so I can actually enjoy my time off, rather than need more immediately after to recuperate from hectic planning.  I say this now, but we shall see what comes to pass when my days off are here, as my overly organized nature is very hard to fight!

Inspired by: Gossip Girl

Love it, or love to hate it, Gossip Girl makes for one terrific guilty pleasure. I’m not one to watch the show while it is airing on TV, but I have caught a season and a half on Netflix awhile back, and it’s pretty fun. Twisted, petty, cruel, gorgeous, but altogether a mindless TV show that intrigues me like any good guilty pleasure show should.

I mainly began watching GG for the stunning hair, makeup and of course the amazing wardrobes that cast sport, but the drama and relations the characters go through is also pretty fun, I must admit. I have received so much inspiration for photo shoots, brides and everyday life from the hair and makeup used on GG, it’s always flawless and beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to be the assistant to the head hairstylist for Gossip Girl, I know I could learn so much! Oh and can I have Blake Lively’s hair already? She is just a knockout, and has the best hair ever. Sigh.

Though I am nowhere near caught up on the seasons, I still managed to read the entire book series this show is based on, in a 2 week period last year. Have I mentioned I love young adult fiction, and books in general? Well, that will be another post for sure, because books and reading make my life complete. Enjoy some eye candy, on me today!

Books: I love ’em!

I am an avid reader. No, I am a voracious reader. I read every day, and have a widely ranging subject list for what I enjoy reading. From classics like The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, to paranormal romance of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, I read just about everything. I have been known to read the shampoo bottles in the shower, and any nutrition labels or information on food boxes while in the kitchen, just to have something to read. I think it’s a compulsion, I can’t ignore it. I have been this way since elementary school, but particularly by the fourth grade I had become obsessed, and I remember clearly what brought on this obsession with reading.

The beginning of my fourth grade year, my family picked up and moved across town, from lovely Willow Glen, to the horrible near East Side (not quite the far part of East Side, but close enough), and I left my privileged middle class neighborhood school for a  year round school, where all of a sudden I was a member of the white minority. I believe there were 4 of us in my grade. Maybe.  I eventually made friends, and found ways to entertain myself, but the very nature of a year round school can be quite isolating for a child. Instead of having a traditional summer vacation of three consecutive months off, students go to school for three months, then have one month off, and continue year round, hence the name. What is worse, the entire school is split up into four tracks that classes are placed in, so you may have a month off, but your best friend in the other fourth grade class is still in school, so what’s a girl with a wild imagination, and no one to play with, do? READ!

I’d like to take this paragraph to thank my grandma (also known as Gma), bless her heart, for finding something for me to do with my time while I was on vacation and visiting with her. When I bothered her, said there was nothing to do, or I was bored, she handed me a stack of V.C. Andrews books and told me to enjoy. Let me tell you something now, I was in the fourth grade, so 9 or 10 years old, and she handed me vivid and detailed romance novels. I may not have quite understood everything the books had in them, but I ate them up. It started my love of literature containing romance, horror and family corruption, and fostered even more thoughts for my already gloriously imaginative mind to play with. Thanks, Gma, you unwittingly created a little bit of a sexual deviant for me when to grow up to, and I love you for it. Thankfully, once my love of reading blossomed, I began to devour read other, more age appropriate books, such as The Babysitters Club and  Sweet Valley High, Bridge to Terabithia among other titles and series.

I really enjoy reading books that are a part of a series because I enjoy the character development, the continuation of story, the use of a familiar narrator, and having something to look forward to in the next book. I think I can reach back to elementary school with the Babysitters club, Sweet Valley High and Boxcar Children series to see where this love came from. I don’t mind reading a book that stands alone. There are many wonderful books I have read that were not a part of a series, such as Jonathan Tropper books, my favorites of which are The Book Of Joe, and This is Where I Leave You. I just can’t help being drawn into a series of books though, and I don’t mind, as long as the library stocks the next book for me when I NEED it!

My current stack of books is not far off from the romance novels of my youth. I just finished the latest book in the Merry Gentry series, Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton, which is about Faeries and other mystical, magical and mythical creatures being a part of normal society, among other things. It’s supernatural romance, violent and sexy in the best way. Laurell K. Hamilton also writes the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, which I am a huge fan of, and that lead me to read the Merry books after finishing the hmm, I think 19th Anita book in the last 6 months or so.

I also have a two new book series to begin in my stack of “to read books” by J.R. Ward. I am currently reading Lover Revealed, the 4th book of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series and I just finished Covet of the Fallen Angels series, though I like the BDB books a little more than Covet. Maybe it’s the vampires. I’m quite enamored with them. I read the Twilight saga last year (yes, I got caught up in Twilight, but I am NO Twihard!), then wanted something a little more adult, and moved on to the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, which True Blood the HBO TV show is based on. I  then picked up the Anita Blake series, and am now on to The Black Dagger Brotherhood, all vampire. I can’t get enough of the blood suckers and their supernatural, paranormal, metaphysical world for some reason. The Black Dagger Brotherhood books have different narrators and character emphasis in each book so far, so I can’t say it will be like the other vampire book series I read, but Twilight to Sookie and then on to Anita moves steadily in the adult direction, both in sexiness and in violence, which to me, says “real Vampire” more than sparkles ever will.

I enjoy non-vampire books too. I just keep going back to these for some reason. My next books to read are My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares, the author of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series (yup, read those too!), and The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood, which the movie Charlie St. Cloud is based on. I really like reading books that are turned into movies, it’s fun to see how a director and film house sees the book.

Books are my way of letting my over active imagination loose, to really get lost in a story. Reading is my absolute favorite, and most done activity. I wish I could write off the books I buy, like I do with hair products, but no such luck. I could go on, (and on, and on) about the books I like, but I won’t make this any longer.

What do you like to read? Do you enjoy series like I do, or do you pick books by the cover, a familiar author, or a subject matter that interests you?