Peach Crisp

I picked up a flat of peaches from Costco recently and got busy enjoying them, however I found it difficult to get through the amount of peaches I brought home before they went bad. Ripe peaches are amazing. So aromatic, juicy and sweet, but they only stay perfectly ripe for so long. Soon their skin begins to pucker and loosen, and there are more¬†noticeable blemishes marring their rosy flesh. I had 3 big peaches just begging to be used up before they went bad, so I scrambled for a dessert recipe that would do these California girls justice. I found this recipe and¬†¬†substituted 3 fresh peaches for the canned peaches it calls for. It was super simple, and tastes delicious! I was a bit skeptical when it came out of the oven, it looked a bit mushy, but wow it tasted great. Billy went back for seconds, which isn’t something he normally does with non chocolate peanut butter desserts.


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