Meg Mingles on Mondays

I love the blogging community, but sometimes it can seem like that cool clique in high school that was just out of my social strata. I considered myself a nerd, and always craved acceptance into such a group, and to actually feel comfortable being with those people. Blogging gives me the same anxieties. I want to connect with other bloggers, share jokes, comments, giveaways and weekly posts, but feel disconnected from the the blogs I read. I have my real life friends who blog that I can do this with, but I feel so little and insignificant when I see a cool blog with hundreds of followers that all leave comments regularly. Dude, comments = love in my book, so show some, right?!

Of course I was instantly drawn to Life of Meg when I noticed a comment left by a random blogger on Michelle‘s blog this week, mentioning this “Mingle Monday” post. ย Being the cyber stalker I am, I cruised by the blog this trend originated at, and was hooked. You want more followers? Yes! You want to connect with them? Hell, yes! You want to find cool blogs to follow in turn? Sign me up! I followed Meg, joined the mingle party, and checked out a bunch of new blogs that have already made it to my browser bookmarks tab. I don’t know if I was a little too late to gain any new blog followers, it being Tuesday evening, but I gave myself more reading material and inspiration via my new favorite blogs, and hopefully new bloggy friends to connect with ๐Ÿ™‚


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