Head Band Brigade

So….I realized that in my desire to “fit in with the cool bloggy crowd” I have been linking up to other peoples blogs and not writing much about hair lately. Of course hair is my primary job focus, my passion, and the title of my blog, so I should write more hair-centric posts. My excuse? Life gets in the way, and baking comes first, and it can be so much more fun to fill out a survey than write a paragraph that I will inevitably hate anyway. Enough with the excuses, here are some hair related photos for you to lust after, just like I did 🙂 All photos were found using we heart it which you should totally check out, if you haven’t used it already!

Today’s hair focus: HEAD BANDS! I love the stinking things, but I rarely wear them outside of washing my face or using stretchy bands to hold my bangs back when I run. My head is small, so the bands always fit funny and hit the back of my ear right on the bone that instantly gives me headaches. Even with the pain brought on by wearing head bands, I continue to collect them, regardless of if I will wear them, or not!

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