OOTD: Party dress

My lovely and wonderful friend Michelle recently had a birthday in September (yay, birthday!!) and of course we had to celebrate with our annual Michelle’s Birthday Dinner. I know, it’s not a creative or original title, however, there is awesomeness to be had every year in September when this event rolls around. I think this is the 5th annual dinner, however I could be wrong. If you would like to read Michelle’s birthday dinner recap, head over here!

My wardrobe in years past has proved quite sporadic, going from turtleneck and jeans (not a good look), to slutty dresses. This year, I wanted a cute cocktail dress, because in the evolution of the event, we have taken a more dressy approach, and I wanted to dress accordingly. I searched high and low, mainly online and at Target or Forever 21, on a hunt for “the perfect dress” to wear to dinner, but didn’t find anything appealing in my price range. Billy put a cap on my spending at $30, because he knows that I don’t like wearing a dress again once I have been photographed in it. John, Micaela‘s boyfriend had a very good point when I brought this up, and sarcastically said “oh bummer, you would have 2 pictures of you in a hot dress at 2 events, rather than just one”. He has a point, but I can’t get over my anxieties with mere rationalization and justified thinking!

I digress, would you believe where I actually found my dress??? My CLOSET! Yes, that’s right, I have had a LBD in my closet for over a year now, and it was perfectly ready to be worn, and Michelle’s dinner was the perfect event. And my shoes? Also in the closet. Here is the quick shoot I got in while we hurried out the door, late as usual because I took too long to get ready, to Michelle’s dinner at Il Fornaio in Walnut Creek.


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