New Additions {Marlo}

Well hello lovelies! First off, I just want to remind you that my Kevin Murphy giveaway is ending this Friday, make sure you enter before that! Check it out here!

I also wanted to share a quick (who am I kidding, nothing is quick with me! I am wordy as all get out!) post with you all about the newest addition to my family, Marlo!

Marlo is a 6-year-old English Bulldog girlie that Billy and I adopted from Santa Cruz Animal Services shelter today. We have been talking about getting an English Bulldog for a while, at least the last year or so. We I have been scouring for months doing English Bulldog searches and have come close to checking out a few here and there, but things just never fell into place.

Last week, I found a listing for an older bulldog in a shelter in Santa Cruz, not far from our home, and became super excited.

I was willing to pay a large adoption fee through one of the local bulldog rescues, so when I saw the shelter had a deal going on that you get “4 paws for 1/2 price” and older dogs would only be $60, I was sold. There is literally no other option for coming by an English Bulldog at that price….not even close. She also fit the health criteria, the looks, the personality, everything. Billy and I called the shelter and waited on hold for over an hour, no joke, I left for work and had Billy wait, and when he was finally connected through, they accidentally hung up on him! I told him it would be easier to just go down there and check her out, meaning we could do it the next morning. He took off in peak traffic time to go check out the bulldog at the shelter, and was told she had been adopted out mere HOURS prior to his arrival. We were absolutely devastated, thinking it was just another one that didn’t have pieces falling into place.

I resumed my bulldog search this past weekend, and lo and behold, the same dog is listed at the SC shelter AGAIN! What’s more, she was listed twice, the second time being at the sister shelter in Watsonville. I had to find out if this was a legit posting or if they had just left the post up after her adoption. I e-mailed the shelter on Sunday night, knowing they weren’t open on Mondays and not expecting to hear back before Tuesday. Monday morning before 7am, I had an answer. Sisi was returned to the shelter because of her rough play with children. I corresponded with the shelter contact throughout the day on Monday, and made plans to head up to Santa Cruz Tuesday morning with Billy. Our luck held out, she was available and they had her on hold for us!!

Before we even met the dog we were given a rundown of Sisi’s history, her behavior, her temperament, health history, etc. and given options for correcting any possible bad behavior. We then got to see this precious girl, and of course we fell in love. We had already fallen for her on with a blurry picture of a snout, so seeing her in person and getting the full personality did us in! We brought her home, did the Petco run for all the supplies, and now we have an adorable and sweet English Bulldog who we have decided to rename Marlo. She is named after the Strikeforce Welterweight women’s champion Marloes Coenen, whom we saw take the belt this past Saturday in person at the San Jose Arena. It was our first live and in person MMA event, so it was pretty special for us. Silly I know, but our cats are both named after fighters too! Hemi Chuck Liddel after the “Iceman”, and Rush after Georges “Rush” St. Pierre. It’s fitting 🙂

I’ll get some better pictures later, just had to share our new love bug!


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