10 things I learnt this weekend

I’m linking up with Being Brazen to share some thoughts from my weekend!

1. When the hubby’s away, I do not play! In fact, I stay in more, and go to bed earlier. I also eat more. He can never leave again!

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a ridiculously weird movie. I don’t see why it has such a cult following.

3. I really need to be cuddled and loved daily, otherwise I get sad. With the hubby away, I ended up cuddling my friend Diane for a moment on Friday night. She was sweet to let me.

4. Doggies can make things better. Marlo was a very good companion this weekend, staying by my feet while I couched it up, and enjoying the walks we went on.

5. Home cooked meals with my best girl friends make Friday nights amazing. As do champagne cocktails.

6. Giving myself multiple belly injections hurts. You think I would get used to it after the first week, but not yet. Only one more week to go!

7. I will really miss my sweet salon coworkers. I have one weekend left at Lux, then I move to Palazzi Salon in November. Gotta do what’s best for the business though!

8. Rainy days are perfect for staying in, bundled up…except when you have to work, then rain just makes things dreary.

9. I do not yet have all the pieces to my Halloween costume, which could pose a problem if I can’t find them by next Friday.

10. Eating multiple desserts is not good for my waistline, however it is a lovely way to pass the time.

Also….it’s that time again for MINGLE MONDAY! Meg is hosting her fabulous blog mixer on Life of Meg again, so stop by, link up, and start mingling! This is one of the best things about Mondays. The bloggers who mingle on Monday’s at Meg’s  have unlimited creativity, inspirational thoughts and lovely things to share with you.

3 thoughts on “10 things I learnt this weekend

  1. I thought The Rocky Horror Picture Show was SOOO funny! But I have not one little clue what the plot of it was, it was VERY bizarre. And wasn’t Susan Sarandon the cutest when she was young?

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