Tomorrow I leave for Arizona where I will meet up with my fabulous and amazing friend Tiffany and her husband Tom in Phoenix!

Tiffany has had the willpower of a saint these last few months as she has trained her body and her mind to compete in her first bikini figure competition. Don’t think body building, those ladies get jacked, think lean, toned and gorgeous! Tiffany was never a large person to begin with, she’s maybe 5’1, and I don’t think ever broke 120 pounds. Now¬†she looks phenomenal after 3 months of a hardcore¬†regimen that I can’t even fathom doing because it’s so tough, and I would break down crying like a little girl after day 1 of diet and exercise. This is why I am not the one competing, and Tiffany is. Instead, I will play my trusty role of backstage help, getting her hair and makeup perfect, and making sure Tiffany stays sane in the hoopla that will unfold in the next few days.

I am so excited I am humming with energy and buzzing about the house annoying the pets and being ignored by the hubby. I of course left my packing till last-minute, but seem to have everything under control…or so I hope.

I’m going to attempt to move my flight up tomorrow, if an earlier flight has available seats, otherwise I get in to Phoenix around 9:30pm, and I don’t want to miss all the Friday night fun with Tiffany unless I absolutely have to! I look forward to sharing photos and my thoughts from this weekend when I get back, so check in next week for the recap!


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