Bubbly, cheesy, *light* pasta

I stumbled upon  this recipe a few months back and stuck it in my recipes folder for a nice cold night somewhere in the near future. Well, that night came in the form of last Tuesday night, when temperatures were forecast to hit in the low 30s. This IS California after all, to me, this is freezing cold!

I used rigatoni pasta instead of penne, halved the amount of onions, and used unsweetened original almond milk instead of regular milk, since I didn’t have any. I loved that I could hide a bunch of veggies in the creamy cheesy pasta and Billy would eat it, though he did pick out all the red peppers.

It turned out lovely, and was perfect for the cold night. I also lit my cinnamon pecan and pumpkin spice candles, which really made it feel cozy and warm in my little apartment. I definitely recommend this recipe for anyone looking for a lighter but still cheesy pasta dish for a mid-week pick me up. I do suggest using a 13×9 inch baking dish, as the 2 quart dish the recipe called for doesn’t really fit everything very well….I used two different corning wear dishes before finally settling on the big Pyrex dish. If I end up making this recipe again, I would probably exclude the cream of chicken soup, I don’t think the recipe actually needed it.

Enjoy the photo tutorial for the recipe below!

sautéed mushrooms, peppers, and onions.

Add spinach and wilt.

Ingredients combined in 13×9 inch pan.

Don’t forget the cheese!!

Bake till bubbly and golden.

Yummy out of the oven

It was super tasty!

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