Baubles, baubles, oh my!

Recently while watching one of theĀ innumerable Bones episodes that have been a constant fixture of my evenings as of late, I was totally inspired by some fabulous earrings Dr. Brennan wore . Gorgeous jeweled dangly things that caught my eye and kept it for the rest of the episode. I was inspired. I had to find big old gorgeous earrings to wear for my birthday (which is tomorrow, yay!!). First stop,! One of my favorite stores with plentiful styles for low prices, I knew I would find something good. Want to see what ended up in my cart?






I didn’t stop at earrings, because of course I just love everything on this site, so here is what else made it into my cart.




I think I am going to actually get earrings #1 or 4 and dress #2. The necklace is just calling me, so it will come to mama also. Best part? The grey dress is $18.90, earrings # 1 and #4 are $5.80 each, and the necklace is $11.60. I love me some cheap and pretty costume jewelry and affordable stylish apparel. Where do you like to shop and do you make online wishlists like I do?


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