Color me bad

Hi guys! I am still alive and well, just blogging over here so if you miss me, go check out that blog and get caught up on my crazy life!

I found this article on about protecting your hair color from fading and really wanted to share with you! Anyone who colors their hair has probably been frustrated when their brilliant color fades after only a few weeks. These are simple and smart tips to keep your salon color lasting you through till your next appointment. Because really, who wants to drop big bucks on fancy salon color if it doesn’t last?

Pick the link for your hair color and it will direct you to the correct page of the article, otherwise just click the first one and read through to gather the most knowledge! Good luck protecting your hair color.

Don’t forget, I am always here to handle your color needs, so let me know if you want an appointment and you will get a special readers only discount 😉

Tips for protecting your Blonde hair

Tips for protecting your Red hair

Tips for protecting your Brunette hair