Color me bad

Hi guys! I am still alive and well, just blogging over here so if you miss me, go check out that blog and get caught up on my crazy life!

I found this article on about protecting your hair color from fading and really wanted to share with you! Anyone who colors their hair has probably been frustrated when their brilliant color fades after only a few weeks. These are simple and smart tips to keep your salon color lasting you through till your next appointment. Because really, who wants to drop big bucks on fancy salon color if it doesn’t last?

Pick the link for your hair color and it will direct you to the correct page of the article, otherwise just click the first one and read through to gather the most knowledge! Good luck protecting your hair color.

Don’t forget, I am always here to handle your color needs, so let me know if you want an appointment and you will get a special readers only discount 😉

Tips for protecting your Blonde hair

Tips for protecting your Red hair

Tips for protecting your Brunette hair

Hairapy Sessions: Celebrity styles

A lot of my favorite hair inspirations come from celebrities, as I am sure goes for many of you as well. They have far more opportunities  to be photographed in various hairstyles, so they tend to style their hair differently all the time. These are  few iconic gems, both good and a few bad. Hope you like them!

New Year, New blog

I have spent the last year cramming all aspects of my life into this blog. We have tried recipes together, amped up the workouts, learned the art and skill of professional makeup with each other, looked at countless pretty pictures, gone on location for weddings, promoted our friends’ bloggy giveaways, and so much more.

Do to the professional ties I have between my website and this blog, I have made the decision to separate business and pleasure, keeping Hair by Adrian for weddings, hair and makeup, and other professional pursuits. To allow myself a creative outlet for all other aspects of my life, I have created Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls over on blogger. I decided to try out another blog hosting site because most of the blogs I read are hosted by blogger, and the community and love between the writers is pretty epic. I plan to do most of my posting on Happy Girls, and save my hairapy sessions, photo shoots, professional work, and wedding recaps for this site. I won’t be posting as often over here, so follow me on blogger and you won’t even miss a beat!

In 2010 I…

As the year is quickly coming to a close, I have been looking back at 2010. This has been a pretty incredible year. It’s time to pat myself on the back, since we all need to be our very own cheerleaders and feel grateful for all that we have accomplished and are blessed with.

In 2010 I…

Got serious about my health and fitness goals, and started running 3 days a week, seen herehere, and here.

Began consistently running 3 miles in under 30 minutes. My PR was 27:28 for my second 5k race in August.

Completed three 5K races,  and one 10k race, written about here, here and here.

Launched a website (technically December 2009, but it counts) and began advertising on, which caused a serious surge in my wedding business, seen here.

Worked 7 days a week for over a year, and though this summer almost killed me with the nuts schedule, I made it through and STILL love my jobs.

Learned how to do professional bridal makeup, and have successfully begun making brides pretty on their wedding days, as well as began doing photo shoot makeup, seen here, here and here.

Managed to pay all of our bills on my income alone, at least a few times.

Went to my very first live MMA (mixed martial arts) event and had good seats.

Went to my first (then 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) San Jose Sharks games, seen here

Traveled out-of-state to do hair and makeup, seen here.

Began offering fitness competitors services for hair and makeup with Tiffany through Pumped Beauty, our new business.

Added a dog to our family with Marlo, the hyper English Bulldog, seen here.

Managed to lose (and keep off) 10 pounds, getting to my lowest weight in years, and fitting into a size 6 (and as of yesterday, a size 4 from LOFT and NY&Co!)

I typically don’t make resolutions that stick, but this past year I managed to set goals that were attainable and found ways to stick with them. My fitness goals were met by making “appointments” with friends consistently. Each time I hit a goal, I made new ones to keep myself motivated.

In 2011, I would like to continue on the fitness trend with my first triathlon. I also want to develop my shoulders (hello, delts!) and my bum, which I quite literally ran off in 2010. Business wise, I want to increase my salon clientele,  broaden my bridal reach, and nurture Pumped beauty so it can leave the infant thought stage and become a full-blown influence and standard setter in the fitness world.

Do you make goals or resolutions, and how do you stick to them? Share your 2011 goals with me and I can help keep you motivated!

Baubles, baubles, oh my!

Recently while watching one of the innumerable Bones episodes that have been a constant fixture of my evenings as of late, I was totally inspired by some fabulous earrings Dr. Brennan wore . Gorgeous jeweled dangly things that caught my eye and kept it for the rest of the episode. I was inspired. I had to find big old gorgeous earrings to wear for my birthday (which is tomorrow, yay!!). First stop,! One of my favorite stores with plentiful styles for low prices, I knew I would find something good. Want to see what ended up in my cart?






I didn’t stop at earrings, because of course I just love everything on this site, so here is what else made it into my cart.




I think I am going to actually get earrings #1 or 4 and dress #2. The necklace is just calling me, so it will come to mama also. Best part? The grey dress is $18.90, earrings # 1 and #4 are $5.80 each, and the necklace is $11.60. I love me some cheap and pretty costume jewelry and affordable stylish apparel. Where do you like to shop and do you make online wishlists like I do?