Baubles, baubles, oh my!

Recently while watching one of the innumerable Bones episodes that have been a constant fixture of my evenings as of late, I was totally inspired by some fabulous earrings Dr. Brennan wore . Gorgeous jeweled dangly things that caught my eye and kept it for the rest of the episode. I was inspired. I had to find big old gorgeous earrings to wear for my birthday (which is tomorrow, yay!!). First stop,! One of my favorite stores with plentiful styles for low prices, I knew I would find something good. Want to see what ended up in my cart?






I didn’t stop at earrings, because of course I just love everything on this site, so here is what else made it into my cart.




I think I am going to actually get earrings #1 or 4 and dress #2. The necklace is just calling me, so it will come to mama also. Best part? The grey dress is $18.90, earrings # 1 and #4 are $5.80 each, and the necklace is $11.60. I love me some cheap and pretty costume jewelry and affordable stylish apparel. Where do you like to shop and do you make online wishlists like I do?


OOTD: Party dress

My lovely and wonderful friend Michelle recently had a birthday in September (yay, birthday!!) and of course we had to celebrate with our annual Michelle’s Birthday Dinner. I know, it’s not a creative or original title, however, there is awesomeness to be had every year in September when this event rolls around. I think this is the 5th annual dinner, however I could be wrong. If you would like to read Michelle’s birthday dinner recap, head over here!

My wardrobe in years past has proved quite sporadic, going from turtleneck and jeans (not a good look), to slutty dresses. This year, I wanted a cute cocktail dress, because in the evolution of the event, we have taken a more dressy approach, and I wanted to dress accordingly. I searched high and low, mainly online and at Target or Forever 21, on a hunt for “the perfect dress” to wear to dinner, but didn’t find anything appealing in my price range. Billy put a cap on my spending at $30, because he knows that I don’t like wearing a dress again once I have been photographed in it. John, Micaela‘s boyfriend had a very good point when I brought this up, and sarcastically said “oh bummer, you would have 2 pictures of you in a hot dress at 2 events, rather than just one”. He has a point, but I can’t get over my anxieties with mere rationalization and justified thinking!

I digress, would you believe where I actually found my dress??? My CLOSET! Yes, that’s right, I have had a LBD in my closet for over a year now, and it was perfectly ready to be worn, and Michelle’s dinner was the perfect event. And my shoes? Also in the closet. Here is the quick shoot I got in while we hurried out the door, late as usual because I took too long to get ready, to Michelle’s dinner at Il Fornaio in Walnut Creek.

OOTD: Chambray dress

I don’t normally do an outfit of the day post, but I have liked many I have seen, so I decided to give it  a try when Michelle demanded pictures of an outfit I described on Twitter. This is my first foray into “modeling” an outfit, so please bear with me. Billy was kind enough to indulge my need to be photographed, and stepped in to fill the role of photographer.

I bought this chambray dress at Target. It’s super comfortable, easy to wear, and it has pockets!! The brown woven belt and the gold earrings are also from Target. The leopard print ballet flats are from Forever 21, the bangles are Gap, the locket is vintage. Don’t laugh at me!

The last photo looks like I’m holding light in the palms of my hands…so not intentional, but cool nonetheless. Also, look at those guns! can you tell I’ve been lifting weights haha “which way to the beach?”

Wordless Wednesday: Steampunk

Steampunk is a pretty new concept to myself, but has been around since the 1980’s or so when Science Fiction got really into time travel, and imaging a Victorian era that was much more technologically advanced. I suggest a nice Google search to enlighten you, which is what I did 🙂 Steampunk is based on a Victorian perspective of fashion, inventions, culture, architectural style and so on. I think the fashion itself is so fascinating!! A few of the girls at my salon did hair and makeup for a photo shoot for Steampunk emporium awhile back, and that is how I came across this whole genre of…life!

2010 Emmy Red Carpet looks

Continuing with my theme of red carpet posts from various awards shows, I hereby give you some of the 2010 Emmy red carpet looks! I did not watch the Emmy’s, as I have no cable and couldn’t care less about shows like this anyway, but I LOVE checking out what the stars wore, how they styled their hair, and what major trends were for all of it.

What do you think?

the vacation plans

I feel like a kid out of school for summer vacation! I know some schools started today, but for me, it was the start to 5 days off, so it’s summer break!

I started my vacay off productively, with a 6:45am run with my good friend Sharon (you know, the rockstar that does triathlons and marathons whom I sometimes run with?) and then promptly went back to sleep for a few more hours. Once I deemed it late enough to wake up for a vacation schedule, I put on my adorable turquoise bandeau top bikini with the ruffle skirted bottom and headed to the pool with Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. This book so far is amazing. I have really enjoyed reading it, and am taking my time because I am enjoying it so much, which is unusual for me. It was actually warm enough for me to venture into the pool for a bit, and I clung to the side and read while I submerged the rest of myself under the perfectly cool water. I love that the pool is pretty much always deserted when I happen to be there, it’s like a private pool! Oh, I decided I need some sort of big floppy sun hat to wear, so my face can stay shaded while I am out in the sun. I will have to look for one this week!

After I was nice and toasty, I headed back to the apartment and spent the afternoon trolling Facebook, catching up on my favorite blogs, and being deliciously lazy. I did hit my wall of lazy though, as there is only so much I can handle before I go crazy, and decided I would head to the mall for some retail therapy. I took my time, heading to my favorite stores (NY&Co, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Ann Taylor Loft) and happened to pick up a fun dress! I had several to try on, hoping to find one for my friend Michelle’s annual birthday dinner in September, and though I like the one I chose, I don’t know if it will be my pick for the dinner.

Billy had some priceless responses to the dress when he got home and I tried it on for him. First, he said  I looked “like the bee girl from that Blind Melon video!” and then “oh, if you pull it down a little, you would look like a slutty Hamburgler!” Neither of those were what I was hoping for, but once I accessorized it and had on fun heels, he liked it better 🙂 Silly husbands! What do you think of the dress? I was attracted to it because it has a tutu like skirt, and a comfy stretchy striped top. Mind you, I am much curvier than the Forever 21 model in the photo, but you get the idea. I ended my mall trip with awesome raspberry and dark chocolate gelato, which was to die for! I love ice cream, but there is just something about gelato that just does it for me. I think I would gain 10 pounds if I ever made it to Italy, because I would eat my weight in gelato while I was there!

Billy and I took in a later dinner at the Elephant Bar in Campbell. They have a late night happy hour from 9pm to close that is a super good deal. I had lettuce wraps, Billy had a burger and fries, we split macaroni and cheese, and a brownie, and had a drink a piece, and our bill was $24 and change. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me! The portions are smaller, so it was nice to not have giant plates of food that I would probably have eaten too much of, and the prices are a steal. Our waitress seemed to be having a bad night, so we tipped her well. I hope she wasn’t angry about having to work the bar closing shift and serve the people who kept coming in even though it was late. I am not that compassionate for the service industry. I work in it, so I know what it takes to gives good service with a smile, and how lame it is to be mean, rude or dismissive of your patrons, but Billy was nice and was stoked to be on his “Friday” and have two days off ahead of him, so he was good to her. I wish I were a nicer person sometimes, but it takes too much effort!

Tomorrow, I will be teaming up once again with the wonderful people of Element 151 productions, and doing hair and makeup for a music video for a local band called Northern Son. My friend OJ is their guitarist, and I went to school with a few of the band members (though I wasn’t friendly with them), so I am excited to be a part of this project. The treatment for the video sounds really neat, and I can’t wait to have a video to post up for everyone to see, but I can’t get ahead of myself now 🙂

Wednesday and Friday my plans are much the same as today, sloth it up, hit the pool, run, but nothing definite. Thursday I am heading to San Francisco to do some sight-seeing and really check out the city with my lovely friend Lexie, and  I can’t wait to take lots of pictures to show you! We want to walk the Golden Gate bridge, check out Golden Gate Park, eat at lots of great SF gems, and see more of the city than I am used to. My regular repertoire for visiting SF is hit the marina and Embarcadero for Fisherman’s wharf, Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, or Union Square for touristy things, or head straight to whatever venue the concert I am attending is at, and leaving immediately after. Do you have any SF must lists for me to check out? We plan on spending the entire day there, so I want to fit in as much as possible.

More updates and details of my excursions to come!

Inspired by: Gossip Girl

Love it, or love to hate it, Gossip Girl makes for one terrific guilty pleasure. I’m not one to watch the show while it is airing on TV, but I have caught a season and a half on Netflix awhile back, and it’s pretty fun. Twisted, petty, cruel, gorgeous, but altogether a mindless TV show that intrigues me like any good guilty pleasure show should.

I mainly began watching GG for the stunning hair, makeup and of course the amazing wardrobes that cast sport, but the drama and relations the characters go through is also pretty fun, I must admit. I have received so much inspiration for photo shoots, brides and everyday life from the hair and makeup used on GG, it’s always flawless and beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to be the assistant to the head hairstylist for Gossip Girl, I know I could learn so much! Oh and can I have Blake Lively’s hair already? She is just a knockout, and has the best hair ever. Sigh.

Though I am nowhere near caught up on the seasons, I still managed to read the entire book series this show is based on, in a 2 week period last year. Have I mentioned I love young adult fiction, and books in general? Well, that will be another post for sure, because books and reading make my life complete. Enjoy some eye candy, on me today!

Celebrity inspired wedding hairstyles for 2010

I figured you would enjoy a post that details what my brides have been asking for style wise for their hair this season. I collected photos of the most requested wedding hairstyles for 2010 for you to check out, so here ya go! I would love to hear if you wanted any of these looks for your own wedding, or if you had something else in mind!

The side pony. This is hands down the most popular wedding look for my brides this summer. All the girls want some variation of this look. It’s gorgeous, a little casual, and shows off the back and shoulders without having a traditional updo. I love it.

Eva Longoria. This look is printed out and brought to trials, and even day of weddings by girls who want a sexy all up look. Usually the looks end up a little closer to the head, as they have to withstand wind, dancing and long hours, whereas Ms. Longoria had to walk down a red carpet and attend an awards show only.

Taylor Swift. There are many Taylor looks that come my way. I am not a fan of her tight spiral curls, but I understand the appeal for many women, and I do what they want. Taylor Swift has a very unique look, and she carries it well, so why wouldn’t a bride or bridesmaid want to look like that on a special day?

Carrie Underwood. OK, I have to admit Carrie is my go-to celebrity for hairstyles. She always looks fierce, amazing, polished, and classy on the red carpet. I love her hair, makeup, and the gorgeous dresses she is always in. I feel bad for her team, because she goes to a lot of red carpet events, and has to look fabulous each time, so they must have to get extra creative to find new styles for her to wear.

Lauren Conrad. Her twisted back curly updo, seen below in the upper right corner, is second to the side pony for most often requested styles. She’s a cute girl, her style is impeccable, and she has a classy way about her, so I approve. I usually make the twisted back look a little curlier for texture, but there have been many variations this summer.

Inspired by: Shabby Chic

When I say shabby chic, I’m not talking Rachel Ashwell’s interior revolution of a few years back. I’m thinking how Shabby Chic has influenced fashion, hair and makeup, particularly with brands like Anthropolgie. The Anthro catalog is always gorgeous, effervescent, trend worthy and perfect! If I could dress from one store for the rest of my life, I would love to have Anthropologie be my closet, and provide all of my home furnishings as well. Anthro is not completely shabby chic all the time, but it certainly leans that way, so this is my inspired by romantic looks, shabby chic and Anthropologie post!