We’ve got a winner!

I am back in the cool, wet weather of the Bay Area from sunny and warm Phoenix! I brought home a new fascination with body building and fitness, I guess you can say I caught the bug, and now I want to be a part of this whole new world! Oh no, don’t worry, I won’t be competing, I just want to figure out a way to be involved by doing hair and makeup for the competitors at different fitness events all around the country. I am scheming, and I have big plans, just you wait!

You may think of body building and immediately see Arnold Schwarzenegger or some pumped up manly woman, but it’s not all about the big muscles and the meat heads. Well, there is a lot of that, especially in the body building classes, but there are also amazingly beautiful women who have lovely toned and muscular bodies in the figure classes, and lean, toned and beautiful women in the bikini classes. I was especially interested in the bikini division because my friend Tiffany was competing in that class, so I knew the most about it.

Tiffany blew us all away by placing 5th (top 5 placings were qualified for national level shows) out of 13 in her very first show. Frankly, I think she looked amazing and should have placed top 3, but the judging is weird in bikini, and you never know what they will be looking for. Tiffany looked absolutely fantastic after 4 months of preparations, diet, exercise, posing lessons, and trips back and forth to Arizona to work with her trainers at AZ Pro Physiques to get ready for the NPC Western Regionals. I have never seen someone with more dedication, self-control, willpower and enthusiasm for something so difficult to achieve. She wasn’t feeling all that hot come show day, but she sure looked amazing!

This collage shows Tiffany the night before the competition with her spray tan all aglow, day of hair and makeup, on stage in one of her poses, and with her trophy at the awards ceremony.

This is 4 of the top 5 girls, the blonde in the pink on the far left didn’t make it. That skinny little girl in the center won 1st place. I didn’t agree. She was far too thin and bony looking to have won 1st, but once again, the judges are all looking for something specific and it always changes.

This is our gorgeous, amazing, rockstar 5th place winner!! It was a very long day for her! We were up at 6am (after not sleeping well for 4-5 hours), at the venue by 8am, and this was taken around 11pm that night!! We decided show makeup is a cross between Jersey Shore and Oompa Loompa, it’s a real winner of a combo, don’tcha think?

Also, it’s Mingle Monday! (Tuesday by my clock saying almost 1am, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it doesn’t count! Make sure you stop by Life of Meg and check out the awesome bloggers who participate in Mingle Monday.

Wordless Wednesday: Steampunk

Steampunk is a pretty new concept to myself, but has been around since the 1980’s or so when Science Fiction got really into time travel, and imaging a Victorian era that was much more technologically advanced. I suggest a nice Google search to enlighten you, which is what I did 🙂 Steampunk is based on a Victorian perspective of fashion, inventions, culture, architectural style and so on. I think the fashion itself is so fascinating!! A few of the girls at my salon did hair and makeup for a photo shoot for Steampunk emporium awhile back, and that is how I came across this whole genre of…life!

2010 Emmy Red Carpet looks

Continuing with my theme of red carpet posts from various awards shows, I hereby give you some of the 2010 Emmy red carpet looks! I did not watch the Emmy’s, as I have no cable and couldn’t care less about shows like this anyway, but I LOVE checking out what the stars wore, how they styled their hair, and what major trends were for all of it.

What do you think?

Inspired by: Gossip Girl

Love it, or love to hate it, Gossip Girl makes for one terrific guilty pleasure. I’m not one to watch the show while it is airing on TV, but I have caught a season and a half on Netflix awhile back, and it’s pretty fun. Twisted, petty, cruel, gorgeous, but altogether a mindless TV show that intrigues me like any good guilty pleasure show should.

I mainly began watching GG for the stunning hair, makeup and of course the amazing wardrobes that cast sport, but the drama and relations the characters go through is also pretty fun, I must admit. I have received so much inspiration for photo shoots, brides and everyday life from the hair and makeup used on GG, it’s always flawless and beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to be the assistant to the head hairstylist for Gossip Girl, I know I could learn so much! Oh and can I have Blake Lively’s hair already? She is just a knockout, and has the best hair ever. Sigh.

Though I am nowhere near caught up on the seasons, I still managed to read the entire book series this show is based on, in a 2 week period last year. Have I mentioned I love young adult fiction, and books in general? Well, that will be another post for sure, because books and reading make my life complete. Enjoy some eye candy, on me today!

Celebrity inspired wedding hairstyles for 2010

I figured you would enjoy a post that details what my brides have been asking for style wise for their hair this season. I collected photos of the most requested wedding hairstyles for 2010 for you to check out, so here ya go! I would love to hear if you wanted any of these looks for your own wedding, or if you had something else in mind!

The side pony. This is hands down the most popular wedding look for my brides this summer. All the girls want some variation of this look. It’s gorgeous, a little casual, and shows off the back and shoulders without having a traditional updo. I love it.

Eva Longoria. This look is printed out and brought to trials, and even day of weddings by girls who want a sexy all up look. Usually the looks end up a little closer to the head, as they have to withstand wind, dancing and long hours, whereas Ms. Longoria had to walk down a red carpet and attend an awards show only.

Taylor Swift. There are many Taylor looks that come my way. I am not a fan of her tight spiral curls, but I understand the appeal for many women, and I do what they want. Taylor Swift has a very unique look, and she carries it well, so why wouldn’t a bride or bridesmaid want to look like that on a special day?

Carrie Underwood. OK, I have to admit Carrie is my go-to celebrity for hairstyles. She always looks fierce, amazing, polished, and classy on the red carpet. I love her hair, makeup, and the gorgeous dresses she is always in. I feel bad for her team, because she goes to a lot of red carpet events, and has to look fabulous each time, so they must have to get extra creative to find new styles for her to wear.

Lauren Conrad. Her twisted back curly updo, seen below in the upper right corner, is second to the side pony for most often requested styles. She’s a cute girl, her style is impeccable, and she has a classy way about her, so I approve. I usually make the twisted back look a little curlier for texture, but there have been many variations this summer.

Inspired by: Olivia Wilde

Actress Olivia Wilde is my inspiration today!

She is stunning. Heartbreakingly so, even. Her pale green eyes are mesmerizing, she has a body TO DIE FOR, and on top of all of the other great things about her, she’s a freaking PRINCESS! Now, please tell me how that came about, because not every girl gets to grow up and actually embody the little girl fantasies every other one of us has, but never get. Tao Ruspoli, her Italian prince of a husband, makes films and they live a very bohemian life in Venice Beach, CA. What a life those two have.

Olivia is inspiration because she once won a pancake eating contest, eating 33 pancakes in 20 minutes- because people said a girl could never enter the contest- and she won.

She is a fitness inspiration for me as well. To work off those pancakes, she takes regular spinning classes, practices yoga (who in Hollywood doesn’t?), dabbles in karate and hikes. Of course she is paid to look fabulous, and probably works out with a trainer and nutritionist along with her above activity, but it’s awesome nonetheless to see that her activities are so achievable. Heck, I can take a spin class at any of the local 24 hour fitness locations practically any time of day. I respect that she and Tao have banned the word “fat” from their home, if they eat too much, they say they are “clogged up”. Interesting approach.

I also love the smart vivacious doctor she plays on House, Dr. Remi Hadley, or more often known as Thirteen. I’m so glad Olivia is on network TV!

She has been tweeting about her charity work in Haiti,  through Artists for Peace and Justice. I like seeing Hollywood giving back, both of their money and their time. It’s one thing to throw money at a problem, but those who give their time are actually walking the talk.

I hope Olivia Wilde can be your inspiration today as well!

Jen is married!

I have mentioned my galmance with Jen here, and here and how awesome she is. Today I was thrilled to be able to do her hair and makeup, as well as hair for her wedding party. These girls were a riot! They had me cracking up more than any other bridesmaids ever have, and I especially loved the loosely thrown around use of the word wicked, because the girls were all from Boston.  Jen’s wedding took place at the Seascape resort in Aptos, CA which is a beautiful location on the California coast near Santa Cruz.

I could not get over how gorgeous this bridal party is, just check out the photos! I’m bummed I didn’t get any photos of Krista, she’s the cute blonde with the short hair in the group photo, but I did manage to get photos of Kim, Kate and of course, Jen. Let me know what you think!

Inspired by: Shabby Chic

When I say shabby chic, I’m not talking Rachel Ashwell’s interior revolution of a few years back. I’m thinking how Shabby Chic has influenced fashion, hair and makeup, particularly with brands like Anthropolgie. The Anthro catalog is always gorgeous, effervescent, trend worthy and perfect! If I could dress from one store for the rest of my life, I would love to have Anthropologie be my closet, and provide all of my home furnishings as well. Anthro is not completely shabby chic all the time, but it certainly leans that way, so this is my inspired by romantic looks, shabby chic and Anthropologie post!