Reflections on an average education

I recently read an article in Allure magazine called “cutting class”, which is about famous hair stylists’ beauty school experiences. It made me think back to the not so distant past to my own time in beauty school.

At the time I thought I was better than the school, and perhaps I was in some ways, but there is always something to be learned, from even the poorest institutions. The saying “you get what you pay for” is the best way of looking at my beauty school- it was cheaper than most other schools and offered night classes so I could keep my day job.

I took my time in beauty school very seriously. I was not only going to learn how to color, cut, set and perm hair for salon clients, I was also going to figure out how to be a session artist and do hair for photo shoots and build a special occasion business that could rival the best of the best. I have always been an avid learner, and wanted to cruise through my education so I could pack more into less time. Unfortunately, beauty school tends to lean toward those who are slower learners, rather than the more advanced, who felt they had mastered the course work early, like myself. This bit of vanity and pride are not becoming now that I analyze my actual thoughts at the time, but still hold an ounce of truth- I learned quickly and got bored when I had to wait for the rest of the class to catch up.

I had also assumed that I would learn advanced techniques for the subject matter, but we were only taught the very basic principles of hair styling that would allow us to pass the state board test. I wanted to learn how to style elaborate updos, how to master the art of color and execute precision hair cuts often seen at trade shows where stylists from major brands would perform miracles and make hair into art. Getting a grasp on the basics, the fundamentals of my trade, and learning why it is we start a certain way was a very important foundation for me to learn, and I needed it to build upon, but I wanted more.

I ended up teaching myself a lot of what I know and now use daily. I always found that if I wanted to use a new technique or try a new style I had to figure it out on my own, so I became good at copying styles, cuts and color, and creating them with my own spin. I tend to have a softer hand when I recreate looks, whether an up style or a cut or color, because I would rather come off conservatively and make tweaks later, than start off radically and not have any room to fix it if the client is unhappy.

I have leaned on this ability to pick things up as I go a little too heavily sometimes, and haven’t placed furthering my education through classes at the forefront of my mind. I realize now I need to let other people teach me, so I can have a greater variety of skills and abilities to pull from. I think I’ve limited myself creatively through only having my perspective to see hair through. I know there are many ways of looking at styling hair, and I would be better off to embrace new teachers, so that is what I am going to do. I will look up local classes in coloring, cutting, and styling to give me more options, more creativity, and more respect for my fellow artists in this field. Through this, I will be able to offer my clients more of everything!

wait, people READ this stuff?

Holy moly, how on Earth did I manage to get 120 hits on this blog on Saturday alone?! I know I do not have that many readers, especially people I know (do I even have 120 friends? psshh yeah right!)

With the appointments I had at the salon on Saturday, 3 prom updos, I guess prom season is in full swing! The most searched blog tags were about updos- Lauren Conrad, braided, 2010 Oscars, red carpet etc. My 2010 Oscars write-up got 45 hits on it’s own. This blows my mind. So let me say, to the 2 of you who actually read this on a regular basis, (there ARE 2 of you, right?) THANK YOU! Thank you for reading my sometimes erratic, often not so amusing , scatterbrained posts and STILL coming back for more. I appreciate having someone to write to, even if most of the time I think I am talking to myself, but just happen to put it on the internet, where anyone can see it, *gulp*.

This sort of thing makes me want to write better posts and have a more interesting blog. It’s what has me scouring my friends’ blog recommendations, reading all these wonderful things that other people write. Like, did you know, there are SO many truly talented and crafty people who write blogs? I know I can be awfully naive, and even a little ignorant (what can I say, it’s bliss!) but I didn’t realize just how many crazy cool blogs there are out there! Just a few that my friend Michelle turned me on to are: cake wrecks, Jessica’s Treasures, Kansas couture, and even one I stumbled upon on my own (I think, I have been doing a lot of blog reading and could have found it off of a friends’ blog) knock off wood. I also have become a loyal devotee to all things Dooce, and no I do not mean the #2 you do in the bathroom, but the mommy blogger from Utah! Reading blogs is a great way to find inspiration, feel solidarity with another human being, or get tips and tricks for some sort of crafty project.

So…if this blog started to ramble, or lose any semblance of sense, please forgive me! I hadn’t intended on blogging tonight, but when I checked out the stats, I just had to, even though my Melatonin was already kicking in, and my focus was waning and my brain was tucked in for the night. So yeah, good night, and thank you for reading!

lolcat tuesday

I’m feeling particularly blah today, very lump like, and would like nothing better than to become one with the couch…so you get kitties!

Oh man, I refused to order cookies this year, I would have eaten all of them!

Yes indeed, this is what my own self control is like!

Are you sensing a theme here yet? Me. Want. Cookie. Lots.

If Billy had a blog…

…He would write about cars. Car parts, dream cars, lists of mods he would do to cars, what he has done to his cars, etc. He would probably also write about UFC and Mixed Martial Arts, but that would be secondary to cars .

Today Billy and I are visiting his parents, and they have fanangled him into helping clean out the garage. I however, am sitting bundled up in a blanket on a chair watching through the open garage door while Billy and his mama sort through boxes. Billy manages to get her to throw out 80% of the stuff that they go through. Yeah, I’m a lazy girl, but its better this way. Better because it keeps the peace between me and the mama; I am way too OCD and controlling to be able to help in any way.

This is also an exercise in bonding for Billy and his mama. They are oohing and aahhing over random finds, and Billy will occasionally sing the do-do-do-do Zelda “find something cool” song when he stumbles upon a relic of his youth. So far, its been weapons. Brass knuckles, the Thunder Cats Sword of Omens, various ninja swords, police issue telescoping batons, and a staple gun- don’t ask about that last one, but do know he had fun shooting staples into the yard. Turns out my baby has quite the collection of “hurt bad guys” things. He isn’t allowed to bring them home, they scare me.
Now, aside from helping his folks out and bonding with his mama in the process, Billy’s real motivation for cleaning out the garage is so he can work on and store his project car in a clean space. For the last year his pretty little Eclipse has been in residence in the driveway, which was fine when it was a paint peeling bucket of bolts. Now however, it is a freshly painted, sleek machine that is a few modifications and adjustments away from being a not-very-street-legal rocket. Ten years in the making, and finally he is rounding the bend on the dream mods list of “I wish I could do that to my car”. The paint wasn’t on his list, but his best friend and I surprised him for his birthday with some body work and a custom gorgeous paint job. I may think Eva (the Eclipse dream car) is the other woman in our relationship (how dare he spend money on a girl other than me!) I still want his project over and done with, and also to see him happy.
The garage has come to a stalemate with Billy and his mama, they could get rid of and move more stuff, but there is no more garbage or recycling space, so they have called it quits for the day. Now Billy is on to his car, charging the battery, turning it on, listening to the motor, and I’m sure, plotting his next mod and figuring out what needs to be done in order for his project to be complete.

Horrid headware

Billy came up with a sister website to, this one is, and would highlight some of the most hideous hats, beanies, and caps that are being sold today. Take for instance the kiosk in the mall that sells 100% wool hand-made beanies with poms and ear flaps in the shape of animals. Or the hats that Andrew from the Real World D.C. wears, which are quite literally stuffed animals such as pandas, skunks and other such silliness turned into hats.

He also dislikes hunter caps with the tie up flaps à la Elmer Fudd, and Russian fur hats, not sure what they are called, but anytime a Russian dancer comes to mind I imagine the big fuzzy hats.

He is less picky about headwear than footwear, but still has his predispositions and would like them known, or at least be able to cash in on the gullible people who want to wear the atrocities.

Sites I love

I would like to introduce you to some of the sites that make my online time enjoyable. Please enjoy the quick peak inside my browser history!

Michelle is a friend from high school who has style, humourous quips, and is allowing us to follow her pregnancy. It is so much fun seeing her body change, and learning about the new shoes and books she is currently obsessed with. Check her out at

Shanni Weilert is an amazing photographer, and I would love to see photos of you on her site. She is married to an old friend of mine from church, and I am so happy he found an amazing girl like Shanni to complete him! Check her out at, I follow her blog religiously, and am so happy when my browser alerts me to a new post from her, as it is always filled with gorgeous photos and sweet words about her latest session.

Juliet Nicole is one of my favorite photo shoot photographers, and I am so glad we have worked together a few times already, and I can’t wait till she has more time to do others. I love the vivid colors, and the way she is able to catch emotion in her subjects. A lot of my favorite photos on my website are from my 2 shoots with her. Check her out at

You know I am a sucker for lolcats because I post my favorites regularly, so here is the link I look to the most for my daily kitty fix

For my theological fix, as well as some interesting views on children, middle school ministry, and his take on life, I love reading Rob Walter’s blog. he gives me lots of things to ponder, as well a new outlook on the everyday occurences I typically take for granted. he makes me more mindful of my situation and how to appreciate what I have.

When I am feeling particularly ambitious and actually decide to track what I eat and how much I exercise, I always use to help me stay focused and mindful of my eating. it really sucks when you realize just how many calories that piece of cake had, and how little the exercise you just did affected the overall number. It’s a good tool for anyone who is interested in weight loss and knowing the facts.

just because…

They made me feel better 🙂

I was looking for this one a few days ago when we had those earthquakes!

Just because I feel especially non-baby lately.


and what I wish  I could do sometimes…

6 word memoir

This morning on NPR (I know, I’m such an old lady!) one of the topics caught my attention. The hosts were discussing the idea of a 6 word memoir that sums up your life. It got me thinking, what would my 6 word memoir be? or even, what would I want it to be if I don’t already have it?

Some interesting options:

Control freak, big lover, type A

Driven by desires, grounded by love

Live life like no one else

humbly make best of life’s offerings

Stop trying to control it all

God’s grace is enough for me

I don’t have anything quite yet that sums up my life, or even is something I completely want to live by, but I will be thinking about it. A 6 word memoir would make a good mantra, and we all need good mantras!