Aww my sweet friend Michelle gave me a Versatile Blogger award!! I have never received a blog award before, so this is all new to me! Thanks Michelle, I appreciate it!

To accept the Versatile Blogger Award the rules are:

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.


7 things about myself

1. I like to multi-task, which means I can be found on the couch most nights perusing Facebook on the laptop, watching a TV show or movie, and chatting with Billy or a friend online. At the same time.

2. I love to bake. I like cooking as well, but prefer making sweet treats. I am known for my cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies.

3. I am extremely affectionate, and will hug a person on first meeting. I think it freaks some people out, but it is mostly well received.

4. I like to make lists. Goals, shopping lists, chores, to-do, anything. I also prefer to keep my lists on paper, rather than my phone.

5. I hate cleaning. When I do clean, I am a surface cleaner, and make lots of piles. It’s very irritating and eventually I do a deep clean.

6. I am a control freak. I seem to think I have the best, most rational and logical way to do EVERYTHING. I am learning to accept that other people may have different ways of doing things that are still very good, though not my way.

7. I am currently going through an egg donation cycle, so I can help a couple have a baby. Though I don’t want kids, I am so happy to be helping a couple who have struggled with infertility achieve a dream of their own.

7 Bloggers

  1. The Gatsby Diaries
  2. Simple.little.joys
  3. Poor is the New Black
  4. You Just Can’t Google Everything
  5. Life of Meg
  6. Everything Pumpkin except the Pie
  7. Keeping up with Momma Elle

Giveaway, Sharks and bad doggy behavior

My lovely friend Michelle is hosting another fantastic giveaway on her blog! She has teamed up with Kate Gabrielle of Flapper Doodle to bring you this giveaway of a 2011 Flapper Doodle calendar. It’s super cute, and well worth a trip to Michelle’s site for more info!

In other news, I went to the San Jose Sharks game tonight, and they lost. I don’t follow sports too often, and when I do it’s usually hockey or MMA, but I don’t like how the Sharks are starting off their season. That unproven new goalie has me worried. Let’s all cross our fingers and send the Sharks some love for their season!

For all you doggy owners out there, I would love some advice on a Marlo issue. She is a little prey driven….like she sees a squirrel out on a walk, she becomes entirely fixated on it, and no manner of “leave it!”s or “no”s will break her concentration. Even off leash in our complex’s dog park didn’t deter her concentration from where she had seen the squirrel disappear. She pulls on her leash trying to get the squirrel. Is there anything I can do to keep her from doing this behavior on walks? I worry that this prey drive will translate to going after our cats once they get comfortable enough to come out of the bedroom and into the living room with her around, whenever that may be. Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated!

Well that’s your random Tuesday update!

We have a winner!

Hello lovelies,  today is the end of my Kevin Murphy giveaway, I hope everyone who wanted to got a chance to enter! That would be 5 of you haha

I used my KitchenAid Mixing bowl and names written on paper because I’m fancy and technologically advanced like that.



And the winner is……..


Michelle of!! Congratulations you have won the Kevin Murphy Jet.Pack!

Michelle, let me know if you want me to mail your Jet.Pack, or if you will happen to be in my area any time soon and we can meet up. I am so excited for you to try out these products!


But it’s Saturday!

Fill in the blank Friday! I found this courtesy of Michelle, but she links up with Lauren, so here is my version!

1.  In the story of my life the actor who would play me would be:

I would like to say Kate Hudson, because she has the enthusiasm and energy I think I possess, and is just super cute,

or Kirsten Dunst, because she has a winsome attitude, a sweet disposition and quirky sense of self I believe I also have,

or Scarlett Johannson, because she exudes sexiness and has similar big old lips.

But in all honesty, it would probably be Hilary Duff, because we look so much alike.

Whoever is chosen would have to be able to play a hyperactive, enthusiastic, hard-loving,  fast-talking, ever-smiling, nerdy hairstylist nanny 🙂

2. If I could change one thing about the world it would be:

People would show unlimited kindness to one another. This would transcend so many barriers and issues. It can be applied to religion, traffic jams, helping the poor, holding elevators, letting someone with 1 item go ahead of another with 15 at the grocery store, etc.

3. Yesterday:

I bought cute clothes as a gift for Bryn, who is turning 13 tomorrow! I also ate at Taqueria Tlaquepaque, a very yummy Mexican restaurant I had never eaten at. It was a happy food dance inducing experience.

4. My favorite comfort food is:

Chocolate chip cookies. The Nestle Tollhouse recipe, with my secret ingredient added in. It’s just a package of instant vanilla pudding mix added to the dry ingredients, but it makes all the difference!

5. My new favorite blog find is:

Being Brazen I really love her blogs, and I don’t know if everyone else also reads her, but it’s fun! I love her book blog too, Being Brazen Books which is so inspiring to me 🙂

6. If I could meet any blog friend (who I haven’t met yet) in real life, I’d choose to meet:

Lindsay of Fooditude, she has so many yummy recipes and food ideas, I would love to pick her kitchen minded brain. Being Brazen, I want to know a South African with her sense of style and love of pretty things 🙂 Heather of Dooce, she has the most humorous way of looking at life, even the simplest things she writes about make me laugh! Josh of Josh’s Garage would be the best trainer ever, and I know I could fully reach my health and fitness potential with his guidance. I know it’s weird, but I totally feel like I know these people through their blogs, so meeting them in real life would be very cool.

7. My favorite breakfast food is:

Crepes!! One of my favorite restaurants is Sweet Peas in Los Gatos, and they have the most amazing crepes. I love both savory and sweet crepes, so this is good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!