hair art and inspiration

I went trolling through Google images to find some creative inspiration for the current wedding season and found a mess of photos I love. Brides may not want to step out of the box and try any of these styles, but it refreshes my creative eye and gives me something to think about when I get the same requests over and over again from brides. Seriously, people, I hear side pony, side bun, half up, soft waves, all down curls all. the. time. True there are many variations of each style I mentioned, but it’s all the same after a while. Hopefully these pictures can be inspiring for you as well!

ps- can you tell I LOVE hair accessories?! Bows, cage veils, ribbons, knots, flowers, headbands….all awesome!

Makeup class update

I am so thrilled to be taking makeup classes @ Lux with Jena Perry, my salon owner. She is super knowledgeable and is giving me lots of tips, tricks, and inspiration for future makeup business. I have taken 3 classes so far, freelance 1 and 2, and skin and lash. I have had 4 models, and of course I took pictures of all of them to share with you! I have 3 more classes to take, and I will update when those are done as well, so here is the first half in pictures!

Shelly was my freelance 1 model, and unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera, so you get grainy bad photos from my BlackBerry! Shelly has beautiful skin, and tends to not wear much makeup on a daily basis, so we kept her fresh and natural.

Caroline was my first model for my freelance 2 class. She has huge gorgeous eyes that just crave some color, so we got to play with a little more product. Most of models like a very natural look, as  you will see, so it was nice to play with a little color in this class.

Tara was my second model for freelance 2. She has these beautiful hazely brown eyes that just popped with some coppery shadow.

Amber was my Skin and Lash model, and she is what we call a “Lux Bride”. A Lux Bride wears very little makeup, but wants to look beautiful and a little more polished on her wedding day. I think 90% of all brides that come to Lux for the makeup want this effortless ‘is she wearing makeup” look.

I cannot wait to work on Jen this weekend at my bridal class. This will be my first time meeting Jen, but we have a total galmance (my take on bromance)  from our excessive e-mailing we have done in preparation for her wedding in July, which I will be doing hair for. She is also an avid blog reader, and will probably chat with me about some of these posts, and is one of the reasons I try to post often (“keep posting, I love reading a giant chunk of new blogs at work when I have time”-paraphrased from one of our e-mails).

I have a photography and makeup class that is lecture only, but I am hoping to get Jena to agree to letting me work on a model. My last class will be airbrushed makeup, and I think I will be having my sister-in-law Angelica model for me, but I really need an Asian model to work on so I can figure out Asian eye makeup application.

Wedding Pricing, Travel and Timing

Hello lovely brides-to-be! As per your request, I am including a pricing list for your perusal and information gathering! I would be honored to be a part of your wedding day, helping to make your wedding dreams a reality. My expertise, and my personal favorite, lie in the wedding hair styling capacity, and I want to use all of my time honed skills and enthusiasm to bring you the joy you deserve!

Wedding pricing

Bride $150, which includes a trial before the wedding date. I like to have the trial take place about one month in advance, so we may get a good idea about the style you are looking for.

Bridesmaids $75 each
Mother of bride/ very short hair $50 each
Flower girl $35 each

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to book services and may be paid through a credit card, check, or cash and will go toward the total service cost to be paid by the wedding trial or 1 month in advance of the wedding date. Cash or check are accepted on the day of event, however credit cards may be used if the total balance is paid in full before the wedding date. Cancellations must be made at least 1 month in advance of the wedding date and all but the $100 deposit can be refunded at that time.

Travel fees

I am ready to serve your wedding party either in salon at Palazzi Salon in Campbell, CA, or on location at your wedding site or getting ready spot. I bring all of my equipment and products with me to better ensure the quality of my styling. All I need is an outlet to plug into, a small space to place my tools and products, and a chair for yourself. Travel is free within a 50 mile radius of Campbell CA, outside of the first 50 miles there is a $50 travel charge within Northern California, and travel is negotiable outside of northern California.

Timing for wedding services

I have developed speed and efficiency when styling hair for weddings, and take pride in quality as well as quickness. I require 45 minutes per person as a general rule. I have been known to bust out a beautiful up style in 30 minutes, but I like having a comfort of the full 45 minutes in case there are some tricky pieces, or the hair just won’t cooperate. I allow time for touch ups at the end of the service to make sure your wedding party is in picture perfect form before the wedding.

A little bit about who I am and what I’m about

I am a hairstylist born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. My northern California upbringing has gifted me with an aesthetic that is casual, classic, and understatedly elegant. I am equally at home styling hair for weddings and photo shoots as I am in the salon working out your monthly cut and color.

I find joy in the simple things in life; my fabulous husband, my two fascinating black kitties, and my amazing friends and family who have remained by my side through the best and the worst of times. I am a dreamer with my feet firmly on the ground, loving all things fiction and fantastical, and am unhealthily addicted to books and the library.

I would love to be a part of your life through your hair, whether you would like to see me regularly for your color or you would like to look as beautiful a bride as your love has made you feel on your wedding day. I especially adore styling hair for weddings and special occasions. There is something about playing dress up and having the perfect hairstyle for the occasion that has always drawn me to these events, and I would love to be a part of yours!