Hairapy sessions: Bob’s the word

Bobbed hairstyles have been in style since the 20’s, when Louise Brooks the silent film star first made them popular. We recently saw a resurgence of the bob style when Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham cut off her hair into a severe bob and thus, EVERYONE and their mom decided to follow suit. The bob, and the “lob” (long bob, when your bob starts to grow out), are classic styles that will always be popular because of the universally clean and flattering lines.




Hairapy Sessions: short story

Here are some interesting hair photos to help get you through your day! Right now, short hair has caught my eye. I can’t do it myself, I have tried and failed, but I love it on other people.

All photos were found using a Google Images search…like pretty much all of the other images found on my site. Let me know if you want credit 🙂

Oh, hi Gorgeous!

I think you are absolutely beautiful. You have a body to die for. You have so many unique and wonderful characteristics. You are perfect.

Now, let’s get real for a minute and recognize a problem in our lives. We women have it tough. We are constantly blasted with images of conceived perfection- super models in their skeletal glory, Victoria’s Secret Angels with their perfect tousled hair and curves for days, celebrities on the cover of tabloids with new noses, boob jobs and tummy tucks or looking like a million bucks because of their trainers and meal delivery services. If you are anything like me, this can bring you down and make you think you are fat, ugly, or need to change everything. In reality, those women work their butts off to look the way they do because they are paid to. Seriously, if you and I were paid the big bucks to look fly all the time, we would do it. I could get to the gym every day to workout with a trainer, and eat my meal service delivery food like a good little starlet if someone was paying me to.

We need to be realistic. Not all of us have the ability to workout 5 hours a day, 7 days a week to look like Katy Perry or Heidi Klum. I for one have a hard enough time fitting in my 3 runs each week, let alone follow it up with a weight session at the gym, and not just because I have a busy schedule, most of the time I. just don’t. want. to.

We also need to be realistic about what is acceptable and healthy for our bodies. Not everyone is meant to have 6 pack abs, or an hour-glass figure. One of the things that I would love to have is something I call square crotch, which is where your inner thighs don’t touch and create a gap. I have very athletic thighs, they have always touched. Even at my thinnest in high school, I didn’t have square crotch, so it’s not realistic for me to pine after them. But I do. We all have a desire to look differently, and sometimes that can cloud how we see ourselves, making us focus on all the negatives, rather than embracing the positive. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up every day and truthfully say you love yourself, even the flaws? It’s deeply embedded in our culture to want perfection, so this is a tough concept to learn and employ.

To refocus my health and fitness mindset, I have made a goal to be strong and healthy, rather than skinny and weak. I know my body carries more muscle, my weight has always reflected that, so I won’t be saying I need to lose 10 pounds to get to a goal weight. Instead, I will continue to run, workout when I can, and eat sensibly, without becoming obsessed. Now, the not becoming obsessed part is probably going to be the hardest for me, since I am a control freak and I like to micromanage everything in my life. Most of all, I want to love myself the way I am now, imperfections included, and take that love into my workouts and my diet. I don’t want to change because I hate what I see, I want to change so I can be strong, run further, and most of all be healthy.

What are your healthy goals?

It is my greatest wish that all women would learn to love themselves the way they are, not with 10 less pounds, or a different nose, or thinner thighs. I hope this motivates you to love yourself and set healthy goals. I also hope you have someone in your life who tells you just how perfect you already are, and how much they love the way you look. If not, Bruno Mars can do it for you with this song …

Also, lots of hugs and many thanks to Meg, of  Life of Meg, for featuring my blog on her Fabulous Must Reads post! It is an honor and super exciting to be featured on a site I just love to visit 🙂 If you are stopping by because of Meg, THANK YOU, and welcome!

2010 Emmy Red Carpet looks

Continuing with my theme of red carpet posts from various awards shows, I hereby give you some of the 2010 Emmy red carpet looks! I did not watch the Emmy’s, as I have no cable and couldn’t care less about shows like this anyway, but I LOVE checking out what the stars wore, how they styled their hair, and what major trends were for all of it.

What do you think?

Celebrity inspired wedding hairstyles for 2010

I figured you would enjoy a post that details what my brides have been asking for style wise for their hair this season. I collected photos of the most requested wedding hairstyles for 2010 for you to check out, so here ya go! I would love to hear if you wanted any of these looks for your own wedding, or if you had something else in mind!

The side pony. This is hands down the most popular wedding look for my brides this summer. All the girls want some variation of this look. It’s gorgeous, a little casual, and shows off the back and shoulders without having a traditional updo. I love it.

Eva Longoria. This look is printed out and brought to trials, and even day of weddings by girls who want a sexy all up look. Usually the looks end up a little closer to the head, as they have to withstand wind, dancing and long hours, whereas Ms. Longoria had to walk down a red carpet and attend an awards show only.

Taylor Swift. There are many Taylor looks that come my way. I am not a fan of her tight spiral curls, but I understand the appeal for many women, and I do what they want. Taylor Swift has a very unique look, and she carries it well, so why wouldn’t a bride or bridesmaid want to look like that on a special day?

Carrie Underwood. OK, I have to admit Carrie is my go-to celebrity for hairstyles. She always looks fierce, amazing, polished, and classy on the red carpet. I love her hair, makeup, and the gorgeous dresses she is always in. I feel bad for her team, because she goes to a lot of red carpet events, and has to look fabulous each time, so they must have to get extra creative to find new styles for her to wear.

Lauren Conrad. Her twisted back curly updo, seen below in the upper right corner, is second to the side pony for most often requested styles. She’s a cute girl, her style is impeccable, and she has a classy way about her, so I approve. I usually make the twisted back look a little curlier for texture, but there have been many variations this summer.