Nick’s on Main

Just thinking about our dinner is sending me right back into amazing food afterglow, so bear with me if drool ends up on your screen while you read this!

This past Christmas, our amazing and dear friend Dave (AKA Fraggle) gifted Billy and I with a certificate to Nick’s on Main, a lovely restaurant in Los Gatos. He had never been there himself, but was interested so he figured we would be too. Life can be busy, so we hadn’t gotten around to eating there until this past Wednesday. Billy and I decided to celebrate our anniversary a little late by heading to Nick’s for dinner, on Fraggle! Both of us were off work, so we called ahead and made a reservation and hoped for the best. It was better than expected, better even then we could have hoped for!

Nick’s on Main is a tiny restaurant, with the namesake Nick in residence daily cooking up some amazing dishes, greeting clients, even taking phone reservations believe it or not. The menu changes seasonally, with specials varying by what’s fresh. Billy and I both agreed ahead of time that we would be adventurous and try new foods and be open to unexpected things. I think we were in luck! I started my meal off with the orchard salad which had dried apricots, silvered almonds, goat cheese and a peppery vinaigrette, while Billy opted for the wild mushroom soup. That wild mushroom soup was phenomenal!! I cannot believe the complexities in taste that a bowl of creamy soup could offer. It was perfectly seasoned, and light while being rich and creamy. It was hands down our favorite part of the entire meal, but everything else was great too!

For our entrées, Billy ordered the bacon and blue cheese prime rib eye with pommes frites and sautéed Brussels sprouts, which I ended up eating, as Billy thought they were “just garnish” haha

I had the pan roasted pheasant breast in a port wine and cherry reduction sauce with creamy polenta and French beans sautéed with bacon (I skipped the bacon, but it made a difference, taste wise!) Pheasant does taste like chicken, but with more flavor and texture. It was so delicious, I would have it again!

This is where I share an amazing bit of food fact with you about Billy, he is a cheeseburger man. He would take a cheeseburger over any other food, any day of the week, and every steak he has ever eaten he says he would have preferred a cheeseburger instead. This night however, he enjoyed his steak, and did NOT want a cheeseburger instead! This says something for Nick’s prime rib eye steak!

We hadn’t anticipated the dessert options, and ate till we were stuffed during dinner, but once we heard the selection, we knew we would have to make room, because there was no leaving without trying something! I had the warm banana bread pudding in a rum sauce, which is a restaurant favorite. It was heavenly, so glad I ordered it! Though Billy is no fan of bananas, he does like banana bread, and enjoyed this dish to help him cut through the richness of his.

Billy went with the chocolate peanut butter mousse, because aside from cheeseburgers, chocolate and peanut butter combined is his favorite thing to eat. It was so rich and decadent, I could only manage a few tiny bites, and he wasn’t able to finish, even with the help of my banana bread pudding to help him through.

I have always wondered how people remember truly remarkable food, and can come up with an answer to “what’s your favorite thing you have ever eaten?” I now have my own answer to this question, and it would undoubtedly be the meal we had at Nick’s on Main!

I brought my awesome Olympus Pen along, but like the silly girl I am, I left the memory card in my computer from dumping photos from the music video shoot, so I couldn’t use it. Instead, we used Billy’s HTC Evo Android phone, which has an 8mp camera to take the photos in this post. I think it did a pretty good job!

I wore a LBD from Target that I picked up awhile ago, but haven’t gotten to wear yet because the zipper is finicky and doesn’t like to go up all the way. I was determined to wear it, so I zipped it up before I put it on, and the wriggled it on over my head, which was hilarious I am sure! I love the pockets on the dress! I have also been playing with my clip in extensions this week, and putting them into my favorite summer hairstyle, the side pony!