Giveaway, Sharks and bad doggy behavior

My lovely friend Michelle is hosting another fantastic giveaway on her blog! She has teamed up with Kate Gabrielle of Flapper Doodle to bring you this giveaway of a 2011 Flapper Doodle calendar. It’s super cute, and well worth a trip to Michelle’s site for more info!

In other news, I went to the San Jose Sharks game tonight, and they lost. I don’t follow sports too often, and when I do it’s usually hockey or MMA, but I don’t like how the Sharks are starting off their season. That unproven new goalie has me worried. Let’s all cross our fingers and send the Sharks some love for their season!

For all you doggy owners out there, I would love some advice on a Marlo issue. She is a little prey driven….like she sees a squirrel out on a walk, she becomes entirely fixated on it, and no manner of “leave it!”s or “no”s will break her concentration. Even off leash in our complex’s dog park didn’t deter her concentration from where she had seen the squirrel disappear. She pulls on her leash trying to get the squirrel. Is there anything I can do to keep her from doing this behavior on walks? I worry that this prey drive will translate to going after our cats once they get comfortable enough to come out of the bedroom and into the living room with her around, whenever that may be. Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated!

Well that’s your random Tuesday update!


We have a winner!

Hello lovelies,  today is the end of my Kevin Murphy giveaway, I hope everyone who wanted to got a chance to enter! That would be 5 of you haha

I used my KitchenAid Mixing bowl and names written on paper because I’m fancy and technologically advanced like that.



And the winner is……..


Michelle of!! Congratulations you have won the Kevin Murphy Jet.Pack!

Michelle, let me know if you want me to mail your Jet.Pack, or if you will happen to be in my area any time soon and we can meet up. I am so excited for you to try out these products!


Kevin Murphy Giveaway!

Hey gang thanks for being such amazing readers! I really appreciate the visitors to this here blog, and because I like to walk the talk, I would love to show my appreciation by giving away some rad products.

Kevin Murphy is an amazing hair dresser from Australia who created a fantastic product line to solve the problems he was running into on photo shoot sets with products that were already on the market. He uses naturally derived and organic ingredients, many native to Australia, to make a sulfate and paraben free line of shampoos, rinses, styling and treatment products.

This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the man, the myth, the legend that is Kevin Murphy, take a hair cutting class with him, and even get one-on-one instruction from him. I also got to attend a styling class by his second in command, Felicity Davis, who designs many of his looks for each campaign, and a podcasting class from Janelle Chaplin his European top dog.  While at the show, I scored an awesome travel set of products called a Jet.Pack, and now I know exactly what to do with them…give them to one of my loyal readers!

The Jet.Pack includes travel sizes of Hydrate Me Wash, Hydrate Me Rinse, Anti Gravity, Session hair spray, and Fresh Hair dry shampoo spray in a nifty black mesh bag to keep them all organized.

I really want to keep the Jet.Pack for myself, but I figured I can get all the products easily, whereas my readers may not even know the glory of Kevin Murphy, so it benefits you more!

Here’s how you enter

It’s really simple, even your 97-year-old grandmother or 5-year-old nephew could do it…I think.

Subscribe to my blog and leave me a comment telling me what you liked most about visiting the Kevin Murphy site. That’s it! Just go to the Kevin Murphy site, check it out, watch some podcasts, click on the links, and then come back here and tell me about your trip.

Want another shot at winning the Jet.Pack for yourself?? If you blog about my giveaway, please leave me a comment letting me know, and I’ll enter you into the drawing a second time 🙂

I will be announcing a winner on Friday October 15th, so you have a week to enter and then tell all your friends about the giveaway so they get a chance to enter as well.

Kevin Murphy is in no way sponsoring this giveaway, it is out of my intense adoration of the products that I am giving them away. If you want to learn more about Kevin Murphy, check out the KM site, Janelle’s blog, or like the KM pages on Facebook here and here.

Lauren Conrad made me popular

Seriously, I don’t think people actually read what I write. When I check in and see that people have actually been hanging out on my blog, reading the drivel I write, looking at the pictures I think are pretty and inspiring, and generally being my friend and confidant, it astounds me. I also wonder how many actually stick around, and aren’t just a Google search fly by looking for a Lauren Conrad Updo.

Miss Michelle of Booksnshoes recently posted a fab giveaway, which I told you about (and you should have entered, hello!) because she saw the number of admirers visitors to her blog had grown. This got me thinking “how many people visit my blog?” Turns out, it’s a lot of you (over 15,000 visits since December)!

I try to be creative. I try to post pretty pictures when I’m not particularly verbal. I try to entertain you. I try to post hair related things. I try. I try all for you! I’m hoping you get a few inspirations, hair tricks, lightened moods, laughs, and feelings of solidarity and commiseration out of reading my blog. Thank you, I love you this much!

Also, it turns out you like Lauren Conrad. A lot. That seems to be the biggest draw to my blog, so thanks Lauren Conrad and your braided/messy bun/low curly bun/side bun/updo for bringing people to my site, and perhaps making them stay to check the place out? I  think I need to put a Lauren Conrad updo tag in every single post I write, then I’ll see the traffic increase, right?!

I will be announcing a giveaway tomorrow for the loyal friends who visit my blog and read what I write, even though I hate my own writing, you apparently don’t mind it 🙂 All the cool kids are doing giveaways now, didn’t you know? I’ve always wanted to be a cool kid! Yes, it will be hair themed, which is just so appropriate 🙂

Michelle’s awesome giveaway!

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know about my lovely friend Michelle’s awesome giveaway on her site!

She picked some really unique and thoughtful treasures to give away, so it’s definitely worth a shot to head over to for a look-sie around her site and enter to win, but you are up against me, because I want it too! Just look at the loot!

Make sure you leave her a comment to say hello, and that your pal Adrian sent you on over 🙂 Click below for the link to her giveaway blog!