Hairapy Sessions: Celebrity styles

A lot of my favorite hair inspirations come from celebrities, as I am sure goes for many of you as well. They have far more opportunities  to be photographed in various hairstyles, so they tend to style their hair differently all the time. These are  few iconic gems, both good and a few bad. Hope you like them!

Hairapy Sessions: ghostly blondes

I have an unhealthy fascination with, a site that has thousands of gorgeous pictures that users find out on the big old interwebs, use their handy I heart it task bar button to send the image to weheartit, and then I search for anything in particular and see these images. Most of the images I post on this blog come from weheartit, Google image searches, or my own photo library. I decided I needed a new topic to work with, since I sort of killed off my “Inspired by” posts, so Hairapy Sessions it is!

Ghostly Blondes