Inspired by: Gossip Girl

Love it, or love to hate it, Gossip Girl makes for one terrific guilty pleasure. I’m not one to watch the show while it is airing on TV, but I have caught a season and a half on Netflix awhile back, and it’s pretty fun. Twisted, petty, cruel, gorgeous, but altogether a mindless TV show that intrigues me like any good guilty pleasure show should.

I mainly began watching GG for the stunning hair, makeup and of course the amazing wardrobes that cast sport, but the drama and relations the characters go through is also pretty fun, I must admit. I have received so much inspiration for photo shoots, brides and everyday life from the hair and makeup used on GG, it’s always flawless and beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to be the assistant to the head hairstylist for Gossip Girl, I know I could learn so much! Oh and can I have Blake Lively’s hair already? She is just a knockout, and has the best hair ever. Sigh.

Though I am nowhere near caught up on the seasons, I still managed to read the entire book series this show is based on, in a 2 week period last year. Have I mentioned I love young adult fiction, and books in general? Well, that will be another post for sure, because books and reading make my life complete. Enjoy some eye candy, on me today!

Inspired by: Eliza Dushku

Ahhh, Eliza Dushku. I first discovered Eliza when she starred opposite Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On-you remember of course, that silly cheerleader movie from 2000? She was the hot brooding brunette gymnast who wanted no part of the vapid cheer squad, but turned to them because she just wanted to have an outlet for her active nature.

Well, unbeknown to me, she was also Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. She is my current inspiration because I just started watching a new Joss Wheedon series called Dollhouse in which she is the star, so she came back on my radar. Billy is was a huge Buffy fan, and his family has told me that Eliza was his “girlfriend” for a long time.  Guess me and the man are inspired by similar things.

She’s just a lot of fun to watch 🙂

She’s a major hottie. Maxim thinks so too! I have to admit, I will read just about anything that passes my eye line, and have gotten caught up in many a Maxim magazine because I was interested in the actress on the cover. Same goes for the Eliza cover! I love how in shape all of Hollywood is. Eliza is no exception. She is just another woman I can look up to as a fitness inspiration….maybe it will help get me out of bed in the morning and in to the gym!