New Year, New blog

I have spent the last year cramming all aspects of my life into this blog. We have tried recipes together, amped up the workouts, learned the art and skill of professional makeup with each other, looked at countless pretty pictures, gone on location for weddings, promoted our friends’ bloggy giveaways, and so much more.

Do to the professional ties I have between my website and this blog, I have made the decision to separate business and pleasure, keeping Hair by Adrian for weddings, hair and makeup, and other professional pursuits. To allow myself a creative outlet for all other aspects of my life, I have created Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls over on blogger. I decided to try out another blog hosting site because most of the blogs I read are hosted by blogger, and the community and love between the writers is pretty epic. I plan to do most of my posting on Happy Girls, and save my hairapy sessions, photo shoots, professional work, and wedding recaps for this site. I won’t be posting as often over here, so follow me on blogger and you won’t even miss a beat!