Oh man, I can’t believe they were able to edit and produce this quickly! Guys, here is the music video for ‘Spin” by Northern Son we shot on Tuesday (yes, that’s yesterday!!) I was happy to help with hair, wardrobe changes, and providing some comic relief wherever I could with my fantastic finger mustache. I was a little obsessed, you will see in the photos 😉 By the way, it was shot at the Old Wagon Saloon in downtown San Jose. The old western feel to the bar is wonderful, I want to throw a theme party there now!

Enjoy the video for ‘Spin’ now!

the vacation plans

I feel like a kid out of school for summer vacation! I know some schools started today, but for me, it was the start to 5 days off, so it’s summer break!

I started my vacay off productively, with a 6:45am run with my good friend Sharon (you know, the rockstar that does triathlons and marathons whom I sometimes run with?) and then promptly went back to sleep for a few more hours. Once I deemed it late enough to wake up for a vacation schedule, I put on my adorable turquoise bandeau top bikini with the ruffle skirted bottom and headed to the pool with Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen. This book so far is amazing. I have really enjoyed reading it, and am taking my time because I am enjoying it so much, which is unusual for me. It was actually warm enough for me to venture into the pool for a bit, and I clung to the side and read while I submerged the rest of myself under the perfectly cool water. I love that the pool is pretty much always deserted when I happen to be there, it’s like a private pool! Oh, I decided I need some sort of big floppy sun hat to wear, so my face can stay shaded while I am out in the sun. I will have to look for one this week!

After I was nice and toasty, I headed back to the apartment and spent the afternoon trolling Facebook, catching up on my favorite blogs, and being deliciously lazy. I did hit my wall of lazy though, as there is only so much I can handle before I go crazy, and decided I would head to the mall for some retail therapy. I took my time, heading to my favorite stores (NY&Co, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Ann Taylor Loft) and happened to pick up a fun dress! I had several to try on, hoping to find one for my friend Michelle’s annual birthday dinner in September, and though I like the one I chose, I don’t know if it will be my pick for the dinner.

Billy had some priceless responses to the dress when he got home and I tried it on for him. First, he said  I looked “like the bee girl from that Blind Melon video!” and then “oh, if you pull it down a little, you would look like a slutty Hamburgler!” Neither of those were what I was hoping for, but once I accessorized it and had on fun heels, he liked it better 🙂 Silly husbands! What do you think of the dress? I was attracted to it because it has a tutu like skirt, and a comfy stretchy striped top. Mind you, I am much curvier than the Forever 21 model in the photo, but you get the idea. I ended my mall trip with awesome raspberry and dark chocolate gelato, which was to die for! I love ice cream, but there is just something about gelato that just does it for me. I think I would gain 10 pounds if I ever made it to Italy, because I would eat my weight in gelato while I was there!

Billy and I took in a later dinner at the Elephant Bar in Campbell. They have a late night happy hour from 9pm to close that is a super good deal. I had lettuce wraps, Billy had a burger and fries, we split macaroni and cheese, and a brownie, and had a drink a piece, and our bill was $24 and change. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me! The portions are smaller, so it was nice to not have giant plates of food that I would probably have eaten too much of, and the prices are a steal. Our waitress seemed to be having a bad night, so we tipped her well. I hope she wasn’t angry about having to work the bar closing shift and serve the people who kept coming in even though it was late. I am not that compassionate for the service industry. I work in it, so I know what it takes to gives good service with a smile, and how lame it is to be mean, rude or dismissive of your patrons, but Billy was nice and was stoked to be on his “Friday” and have two days off ahead of him, so he was good to her. I wish I were a nicer person sometimes, but it takes too much effort!

Tomorrow, I will be teaming up once again with the wonderful people of Element 151 productions, and doing hair and makeup for a music video for a local band called Northern Son. My friend OJ is their guitarist, and I went to school with a few of the band members (though I wasn’t friendly with them), so I am excited to be a part of this project. The treatment for the video sounds really neat, and I can’t wait to have a video to post up for everyone to see, but I can’t get ahead of myself now 🙂

Wednesday and Friday my plans are much the same as today, sloth it up, hit the pool, run, but nothing definite. Thursday I am heading to San Francisco to do some sight-seeing and really check out the city with my lovely friend Lexie, and  I can’t wait to take lots of pictures to show you! We want to walk the Golden Gate bridge, check out Golden Gate Park, eat at lots of great SF gems, and see more of the city than I am used to. My regular repertoire for visiting SF is hit the marina and Embarcadero for Fisherman’s wharf, Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, or Union Square for touristy things, or head straight to whatever venue the concert I am attending is at, and leaving immediately after. Do you have any SF must lists for me to check out? We plan on spending the entire day there, so I want to fit in as much as possible.

More updates and details of my excursions to come!

Live 105’s BFD 2010

Whew, today is complete! I am sunburned and burned out after a long day of concert fun in the hot California sun! Fraggle and I had a blast, as predicted. I felt a little bad for Fraggle, because he had pulled BOTH of his hamstrings this morning during his adult soccer game (he feels really old to have injured himself playing a kiddie game, I’m sure). He was a trooper, and made it through the day, hobbling around and having a hard time keeping up with my shorter but healthy legs. Here are some pictures of the day off of… *drum roll please!* my brand new Olympus Pen E-PL1, a beautiful camera that is a perfect step up from my point-and-shoot Canon without heading into D-SLR territory, which is scary. I  really enjoyed using this camera today, and I think the pictures came out pretty nice for my novice photo taking skills. Enjoy!

We arrived at Shoreline Amphitheater during the Temper Trap’s set. TTT is a wonderful band from Australia that have a beautiful song called “Sweet Disposition” that never gets old even with all of the radio exposure. I only got far away pictures because we were in the very back of the crowd haha. They did a great job, and I definitely had fun watching their set.

We stuck around at the Festival Stage to see Flyleaf, an awesome Christian band that has gotten a lot of mainstream air play due to their edgier sound. Lacey, the lead singer, does her own growling, which I think is super cool! She also rocked a mint green prom dress sort of deal, and head-banged with the bassist, who reminded me of a Rob Zombie throwback with his creepy makeup, bushy beard and long stringy hair. One of their guitarists, Sameer, is this skinny little Indian dude who had infinite amounts of energy and was using the ENTIRE stage as his musical playground- jumping off speakers, spinning around, running back and forth across the stage.  They were really entertaining. I loved that towards the end of the set, Lacey said “No matter what you believe, God still loves YOU!” and launched into “So Sick” one of my favorite songs. Super glad I got to see this band, it made my day! Check out this picture with the bassist head banging/jumping off the stage, it rocks my socks! I wish I could upload the video I took of this band, it shows the frenetic movement of all of the band members, and was taken at the END of their set, so they must have been tired by this time! The sound quality is terrible from my stereo mic on my camera, but it recorded in 720p HD video so it looks pretty!

We didn’t spend much time watching Gaslight Anthem’s set, it just wasn’t very exciting after Flyleaf, but I was much closer to the stage at that point so I got a few good pics.

We met up with our friend Stephanie, who is dating OJ one of the guitarists from Northern Son, a local band out of San Jose. She was “working off her free ticket” by holding a sign that told when Nor.Son was playing. I took the sign off her hands for a bit and wore it haha. I also got a chance to play with the “grainy film” setting on the Pen, its nifty!

There were some very colorful people in attendance at BFD. There were ravers, wrestlers, dancers, and goat men, oh my!

Northern Son did a great job rocking the Soundcheck Local Band Stage! I have never seen them live, and I was happy they lived up to the hype. It turns out I went to high school with at least 2 members and knew OJ as well. Small world. There is a picture of OJ doing the “John Mayer face” which apparently he thinks is cool. I think it looks like he is having a hard time playing the guitar haha, checkout the 3rd photo down 😉

We staked out seats on the grass during Cage the Elephant’s set, and they sounded alright. We stayed through Silver Sun Pickups, which I have heard nothing but good things about them live, and I wasn’t disappointed! They were phenomenal, and even though it felt like we were a mile away up on the very top of the lawn area of the amphitheater, they still sounded great and made a fan out of me.

It was so packed, can you believe the sea of people?!

Also, one last shot were our footwear…I think my Vans win for better outdoor concert attire, but Fraggle was a gimp so he got away with flip-flops 🙂

sleep is overrated when you have a friend named Fraggle

Hi blog-land! It’s way past my bedtime and I should be sleeping, but I got my hands on this here laptop and am now going to town (goes to town). If you can’t tell I am very tired, which means I get an extra dose of energy, strangely enough, and it translates funny depending on just how tired I am. Sometimes it’s running around, bouncing off the walls, talking a mile a minute, other times it’s say really random things just for the heck of it, get into strange conversations and I have even been known to make up my own funny jokes. or at least they were funny in my head. before I said them out loud. and now they really aren’t translating well. sorry about that.

Tomorrow (technically today, since it’s 1am, but my theory is that it’s not “tomorrow” until you have gone to bed “today”) is Live 105’s BFD (a local radio station’s annual music festival) and I got free tickets! I know, I know, I got free tickets AGAIN! I didn’t have to call in, enter an online giveaway, or play random trivia games for these, it was the ultimate slacker win on my part. I listened to the radio station, heard where the Live team would be out GIVING AWAY tickets, and showed up to wait in line and receive my FREE tickets. I know. So. Freaking. Easy. Why didn’t you get yours? There are a ton of bands playing at BFD, I think 35 on 4 stages or something crazy like that. I am most excited to see Silversun Pickups, Gaslight Anthem, Flyleaf and especially The Temper Trap. I have a friend in a local band called Northern Son, and they will be playing also, so it will be nice to see him rock out on stage with them.

I had originally asked my girl Tiffany to come with me, but due to a last-minute amazing interview opportunity that came her way, she is unable to attend. I then sent a late night text message to my MGMT concert buddy Micaela to see if SHE would want to go, but haven’t heard back so I assume it won’t work out. Then, Billy tells me that his best buddy Fraggle (that’s totally his nickname, given by family, that everyone calls him, but his REAL name is Dave) couldn’t get a ticket even though he had wanted to go, so I invited him and now I have a concert buddy, yay!! Fraggle was the best man at my wedding, is Billy’s partner in crime, and has always been an amazing friend to me, so this will be uber fun. Both of my Vegas trips last summer involved Fraggle, and we had a FANTASTIC time, so I expect the same for BFD. Here are some of my favorite Fraggle pictures I have captured over the years 🙂

He’s treated me to all 3 of the Sharks games I have attended, including game 5 of the 09 playoffs, (what what!!) because he is awesome like that.

he likes fun boy toys, and helps Billy work on cars. He also suggested we “steal” Billy’s project car and have it painted for his birthday, much to Billy’s delight!

He hosted a birthday party for him and Billy on Halloween, their birthdays are a day apart, and yes, Billy is dressed like a lion…isn’t he cute?! I was Sookie from Trueblood, and I made a lot of cupcakes haha…and industrial strength Jell-o shots that people STILL talk about and ask me for!

We had a BLAST on New Year’s Eve playing Rockband, drinking a graveyard (15 sake bombs and 5 beers in a fish bowl, and nope I didn’t drink it, I just watched because I was driving, but I was THERE so it counts!) and having sushi!

and had a fantastic time in Las Vegas, not once…

…but twice last summer!

Yes ladies, he IS single!!