Goes together like a horse and carriage

From Michelle, who found it on Adrienne’s blog, who in turn found it on Rebekah’s blog Life with the Edwards. I love anything having to do with marriage and my hubby Billy, so I couldn’t pass this up! Also, what else am I going to do, be productive with my Monday?

1. When is your “engagement” anniversary?

March 29, 2006. He arranged for us to be pulled on stage at the Matchbook Romance concert at the Fillmore in San Francisco, where he proposed to me 🙂

2. When is your “marriage” anniversary?

August 4, 2007. We were married in South Lake Tahoe, on the beach with 50 of our closest friends and family.

3. How long have you known your spouse?

7 years. We met the summer I graduated from high school, at the YMCA where we worked as summer day camp leaders 🙂

4. How long did you date before you were engaged?

Almost 2 years. I was dying to get married though. I knew I was going to marry him a few months after meeting him, well before we started dating, and told my family this fact. They shook their heads and said “are you even dating Billy?” to which I replied, “Nope, I have the rest of my life to date Billy, but I am going to marry that man.”

5. Where did you meet your spouse for the first time?

South Valley Family YMCA 🙂

6. What is your spouse’s full name?

Guillermo Antonio Hernandez, Jr. It’s a mouthful, that’s why he just goes by Billy haha

7. Do you have any children?

No “real” babies, but we have 2 fur babies

8. How many? Boys/Girls

1 boy, 1 girl. Hemi and Rush. Both are beautiful black cats with yellow green eyes.

9. Do you have any house pets?

haha yes, see above. We would also love to add an English Bulldog to the brood!

10. Do you own a house or rent?

Rent 😦 I am desperate to buy a house, however economic times are difficult, even with the housing market being as low as it is.

11. Do you live in the country/town/city?

City! San Jose is huge, and mainly a sprawling residential sort of place, but is definitely a city.

12. What is one of your favorite activities to do together?

Cuddle, chat, watch movies and recorded TV. We also love watching MMA together. We seriously enjoy each others company, and can hang out for hours doing lots, or very little, and be quite content. I’m hoping to add bike/run together, as Billy just got a new bike, and has pledged to ride with me while I run, but it has yet to happen.

13. Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas! Both are so different it’s tough to choose between the two!

14. When did you first kiss?

April 2004, late at night, when Billy walked me to my car. It was a long in the making moment, and was very sweet. I love the way his kisses taste, it was the most amazing first kiss I had ever had.

15. What church do you attend?

When we go, Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, CA. We rarely get there now, with us both working both weekend days.

16. Is this the church you were married in?

No, we got married in God’s cathedral of Lake Tahoe, on the beach.

17. What town is current address at?

San Jose

18. Do you work or stay home?

WORK! I work 2 jobs, 7 days a week. Thankfully my Monday-Friday job starts at 2 or 3pm, so I have my mornings to myself. Saturday and Sundays are incredibly busy at the salon.

19. Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We stayed in South Lake Tahoe, it was a much-needed and restful vacation after wedding planning.

20. What was the funniest gift you gave while dating?

A collage I made using magazine clippings that said things like “hot” and had some pretty random pictures. It’s still hanging in the closet of his childhood bedroom at his parents house.

21. How long have you been together?

6 years as of May 23, 2010

22. How long did you know each other before you started dating?

10 months. I had a lot of maturing to do before I was able to fully appreciate the amazingly unique and wonderful gentleman Billy is.

23. Who asked who out?

I did!! Billy gave me as much space as I needed to grow and come to the “right time” for us to be together, so it took me fumbling my words and getting self-conscious while saying “I don’t want to date anyone else, I only want to be with you, I love you!” for us to be official.

24. How old are each of you?

25 and 27. We will turn 26 and 28 in December and October respectively.

25. Where do each of you go to school?

I went to Leigh and he went to Lincoln high schools, and we both went to De Anza for community college. I later went on to Fremont Beauty College.

26. Which situation is hardest on you as a couple?

Gaming!! It is our biggest struggle as a couple. He was raised with video games, his whole family playing together, and I was not. Whether on the computer or a gaming system, he plays something every day, for at least an hour. It’s his favorite way to decompress and relax, whereas I prefer reading, and I get very jealous of the time he devotes to his online or imaginary world. Our major fights have been over gaming, but we have compromised a lot and come to a middle ground where he gets to play, and I get the attention I want from him.

27. Did you go to the same school?

Not until community college, and we knew each other before I started at De Anza.

28. Are you from the same town?

Yes, however Billy was born in Florida and moved to San Jose when he was 7.

29. Who is smarter?

We are both very intelligent, but we have our areas of expertise. I wouldn’t tell you how to fix a car, or give you any helpful advice on anything technological, like Billy can, but then again he wouldn’t be able to do your hair, or give you random facts like Google, like I can.

30. Who is more sensitive?

Oh, most definitely me!! Billy is a sweetheart though, and while being manly, he can embrace his sensitive side.

31. Where do you eat out most as a couple?

Hmm, it really varies! We probably eat most frequently at Rock Bottom Brewery, BJs, or Cheesecake Factory, but we like to try new restaurants all the time.

32. Where is the farthest you two have traveled as a couple?

Las Vegas, NV. Twice 🙂

33. Who has the craziest exes?

me me me me, oh pick me!

34. Who has the worse temper?

I do, or at least I express it far more frequently than Billy does. He gets angry in traffic, and over injustices at work, but not much else. I have regular meltdowns and tantrums.

35. Who does the cooking?

That would be me. Billy’s idea of cooking is microwaving a frozen meal components, or picking up to go food 🙂 Every once in a great while though, he has been known to break down and actually cook!

36. Who is more social?

Definitely me, I am a social butterfly. Billy is content to sit back and observe while I make new friends and start conversations. We both have moments of doing just the opposite, and that’s always interesting.

37. Who is the neat-freak?

Probably me. Neither of us consider ourselves “neat-freaks” but he is much more prone to piling and not putting things away than I am. We both get to points where everything much be picked up before we can relax, I just get there first. We are surface cleaners, so don’t expect a cloroxed house without any dust, as long as we can’t see the mess, we are happy.

38. Who is more stubborn?

Depends on the situation. I am open-minded to changing my opinions with rational and justifiable conversation and arguments, whereas Billy becomes more ingrained in what he believes. I become set in my ways otherwise, so probably me.

39. Who hogs the bed?

haha depends on who you ask!! Billy will say I do, and I in turn say he does!!

40. Who wakes up earlier?

I do. I am incapable of not setting an alarm, even on days I have off. Billy will sleep as late as I let him, while I have to be up and doing something, anything, to feel like I’m not sleeping my day away.

41. Where was your first date?

No idea!! We hung out so much in the 10 months prior to officially dating that it’s tough to pin point any “first date”.

42. Who had more boyfriends/girlfriends?

Hello, my name is Adrian, and I was a serial dater. Also call me boy crazy.  I win, hands down haha

43. Do you get flowers often?

Rarely, if ever. I think I made the mistake of casually mentioning that flowers die and therefore not a good gift soon after meeting Billy, and he took that to heart 🙂 I can count on 1 hand the times I have received flowers in the 7 years we have known each other 🙂 That’s OK, we both suffer from outdoor allergies, and can become quite miserable with flowers in the house.

44. How do you spend the holidays?

We split time between our families. We always do 2 Thanksgiving dinners on the same day, and Christmas Eve we make the rounds from my family’s party to his family’s house for a sleepover. Christmas morning we have brunch with his family, and then spend the afternoon and evening together.

45. Who is more jealous?

Neither one of us is very jealous. We are super secure in our relationship, so we are rarely bothered by the opposite sex being interested…Billy always points out when I have been checked out, to which I am always oblivious.

46. How long did it take to get serious?

Once we were official, we were serious. There was never any “defining the relationship talk” or “are we or are we not exclusive” once we were together. I told my family a few months after meeting Billy that I was going to marry him.

47. Who eats more?

I eat more frequently, and usually somewhat healthier, while Billy will eat maybe twice a day and larger portions than I would.

48. Who does the laundry?

We usually split it up, but I find myself doing it more often, because I have more daily free time than Billy. You should hear the sarcasm and the blame we throw back and forth when neither of us wants to do it!

49. Who is better with the computer?

Billy, because he will take the time to research and is very interested in technology, whereas I couldn’t care less, and I want the easiest way to do something, which usually involves telling Billy to do it for me 🙂

50. Leave a piece of advice for other couples:

Learn to fight well! Apologize and take responsibility when it is required, and never leave a fight to fester, just get through it, as hard as that may be, so you can come out the other side stronger together.

Also, laugh together often. Never leave the house without a hug and kiss, and always find ways to show you appreciate your spouse, in a way that they can understand (I would hate being given a video game as appreciation, but Billy would probably tear up!)

Remember than men want love through respect, whereas women want love through affection, use this accordingly.

Inspired by: Gossip Girl

Love it, or love to hate it, Gossip Girl makes for one terrific guilty pleasure. I’m not one to watch the show while it is airing on TV, but I have caught a season and a half on Netflix awhile back, and it’s pretty fun. Twisted, petty, cruel, gorgeous, but altogether a mindless TV show that intrigues me like any good guilty pleasure show should.

I mainly began watching GG for the stunning hair, makeup and of course the amazing wardrobes that cast sport, but the drama and relations the characters go through is also pretty fun, I must admit. I have received so much inspiration for photo shoots, brides and everyday life from the hair and makeup used on GG, it’s always flawless and beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to be the assistant to the head hairstylist for Gossip Girl, I know I could learn so much! Oh and can I have Blake Lively’s hair already? She is just a knockout, and has the best hair ever. Sigh.

Though I am nowhere near caught up on the seasons, I still managed to read the entire book series this show is based on, in a 2 week period last year. Have I mentioned I love young adult fiction, and books in general? Well, that will be another post for sure, because books and reading make my life complete. Enjoy some eye candy, on me today!

Inspired by: Marie Antoinette

I’m not sure why, but the other day, I could not stop thinking about Marie Antoinette, the Sophia Coppola film with Kirsten Dunst.

I dragged Billy along to the theater to see this film when it came out in 2006, and I was disappointed at the time by the film itself, but my oh my, the fashion! The Hair! The Makeup! The Colors! The Desserts! It was a feast for the eyes, and I am now reliving the beauty, years later, and it is way better the second time around! I borrowed the DVD from my local library, and really paid attention to the details, the story line, the costuming, hair and makeup. It really is a nice film, but such a tragic story for Marie. I would hate to be married off to a man I’ve never met, taken to a foreign country, stripped of all my earthly possessions because they do not belong in the new court, live in a loveless marriage for years, criticized, watched, made into a new person, all to fit a model of what someone else thinks is right for the Queen of France.

I loved the food in this film! So. many. desserts. YUM!

Oh the sparkles! Oh the fun!

The makeup and hair were stunning! Look at this, gorgeous!

Oh, la la!

I think I am going to dress as Marie Antoinette for Halloween this year. What? It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween! It’s my favorite time of the year (Autumn), and I love candy, dressing up, and fun parties!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Warning, this post is about to get

Yeeeeeee!!! JUST saw the trailer for the last Harry Potter films (last book, two installments) and I simply cannot wait for the first to come out in November 2010! The second installment will be released in July 2011; it’s terrible that I will have to wait so long between installments, but I get why Warner Bros is doing this. They have strung us loyal fans along for years giving us the books in movie form, and have made huge profits, each topping the last. To split the very last HP book up, and release each far enough apart to make as much money as possible off the ticket sales, and then DVD sales before the last installment comes out, makes financial sense.

I fell in love with the Harry Potter series in high school, long after the first 3 books were first released and it was cool to like a children’s series. I read The Sorcerer’s Stone quickly, but didn’t get access to the rest of the series for years. I didn’t even own my own copies until I was in college-I bought the first 5 books in a box set for myself for Christmas, wrapped it, and then told my mom what she owed me for my present 😉

I routinely reread the series when I get a craving for wizards, spells and crazy adventures that only the young wizards of Hogwart’s can get into. I even have the first 6 books on CD, so I can listen to them in the car. When the movies were released, I was all for seeing them! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released around the holidays, so I went to see it-by myself- on Christmas day. Seeing movies by yourself is not so fun, but I endured it because I love Harry Potter, and I wanted to see the movie in theaters.

I have since than seen every movie in theaters, bought the DVD when it was released, and picked up each new book at the midnight release. Yes, I even dragged Billy to the midnight release parties at Borders to get my pre-ordered copy of the last 2 books. He just loves me. So much. I’ve only gone to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in IMAX on opening night, and promised I wouldn’t do that again because 1-IMAX at the Tech Museum makes me nauseous, and 2-I don’t care for opening night crowds, or sitting in bad spots in the theater because of it.

I favorite book of the series was the 5th, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

My favorite film of the series is the 3rd, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Sirius Black is one of my favorite characters of the entire series, and he makes his biggest appearance as the crazed escaped convict, hunting down Harry. Also Gary Oldman is a fantastic actor, and I love him as Sirius!

You don’t get to know him very well, but it’s a lot of fun to think of him as the bad guy. I also think it was the first film that was actually of good quality. The first two were terribly childish and silly, using strange CG effects that just didn’t give the films the serious quality the books had imparted. Alfonso Cuaron, the director, is amazing.

I think he is best known for directing Y Tu Mama Tambien, and of course Harry Potter, but other notable works are Children of Men, Paris Je t’aime, and one of my favorites, A Little Princess, which I loved as a little girl!

Both installments of Deathly Hallows are directed by David Yates, who was also the director for the last 2 Harry Potter films, The half Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix.  I think he did a very good job of condensing the huge volumes that were the books into films, so I am confident he will do the last book as films well.

Pretty people

I have always been blessed with gorgeous friends. I can’t help it, I attract pretty people into my life. I don’t discriminate, it’s just a proven fact that the people who come into my life and stay are usually very lovely, on the inside and out.

Part of my recent vacation was spent making my friends even more beautiful. As all of my readers know, I took a bunch of makeup classes and have been building my kit and skills. Part of that is to work on my timing, getting it down to about 45 minutes per person. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect, so I took a day to practice on a few willing friends. We focused on airbrushed foundation, and pretty eyes, and we had a blast!

Sharon is one of my running buddies, and a total rock star of inspiration for me. She has completed at least 2 triathlons that I know of, and has a half marathon and at least one more triathlon coming up this fall, with more next year. She runs several times a week, and I have gotten to run with her a few times when she takes “short runs”, which are the equivalent of my normal 3 miles that I think is tortuously long! After taking these photos at our session, I’m going to have to come up with a photo shoot to use her in, because my camera LOVES Sharon, and I’m dying to get more photos of her! Check out her killer smizing-that’s smiling with her eyes for all of you sillies who do not watch America’s Next Top Model! Yowza!

I put the rest of my makeup “appointments” on the following day, to test my speed and make myself stay on a timeline. I started the day with my friend Brittany coming in for her 1st bridal makeup trial. We have known each other since middle school, been close on and off throughout the years, and recently got together for dinner with our men. We chatted about her upcoming wedding (10/10/10 yeeee!!) and of course I asked about her hair and makeup, because I always like to offer my friends my services when  I can. She is having her cousin do her hair, but hadn’t made a commitment for makeup for herself, or hair for her bridesmaids yet, but knew she wanted to have airbrushed makeup. Well, I can offer that, and so I did! Brittany has been really committed to her health and fitness lately, and lost an amazing 30 pounds, but let me tell you, she has always been beautiful, no matter the weight, and now she just glows. I can’t wait for her wedding in October, she is going to make such a gorgeous bride!

Samantha was my next “client”. Sam and I met in high school, and I now cut her hair regularly. She just cracks me up with her fun single girl stories (come on dudes, she a catch!),  and I love hearing about the celebrities and former classmates she runs into at her serving job at Outback, and she is also totally motivating me with her several days a week Pilates class she is taking at a local junior college, for fun! She let me play up her eyes a bit, and we really liked the outcome.

I then packed up my gear (really, it is gear, and it requires packing. Have you seen my Batman utility belt?? It holds all of my brushes and is a major part of my gear) and headed over to Karina’s house. She has two adorable little girls. Victoria who is 4, even let me put the tiniest little shimmer on her eyes, and Alexis who is 9 months wanted to be a part of the action and got to sit on mom’s lap and witness at a young age the art of beautifying oneself. Karina was on the staff of my high school church youth group, and I loved counseling with her after I graduated. She is one of the sweetest, most down to earth mammas I know!

I came back home, set my gear up on the kitchen table, and then got to lay on the couch for a bit before my next appointment arrived. I totally get why makeup artists will carry all of their gear in large rolling cases, AND lug a director’s chair with them, the strain on your back when you bend over, even slightly, to apply makeup to a person sitting in a low chair, is excruciating. I may have scoliosis, and undergone two spinal fusions to correct it, but I rarely if ever suffer back pain like this. I will be investing in a tall chair shortly to remedy this aching, it’s so worth whatever money to save my back!

Amber was my last appointment of the day, and she is no stranger to being my model. She came in for one of my makeup classes a few months back, and we did the “Lux Bride” look on her, which was very natural, light handed, and pretty. She requested a darker, smokier look this time around, and I was happy to oblige! Amber and I met in high school, and recently reconnected through the wonder of social networking. Begin rant: What did anyone do before Facebook? I can see why class reunions were appealing once upon a time, but now we don’t have to suffer the indignity of eating terrible food and reliving our glory days of high school in a crappy hotel ballroom/rec center/high school gym, because we can just Facebook stalk them and check out what they are up to without ever having to actually speak to them! And I digress…. Amber is lovely, and I really enjoyed the new look we did with her makeup!

I just have to throw in these last few photos! My besties Sarah and Diane and I got together for a girls night a few weeks back, and we played with makeup then as well! I don’t know what it was exactly that got Diane laughing in that last picture, but it’s absolutely awesome.

Cake balls!

I only recently discovered cake balls, and quickly became obsessed with these baked goodies. I am a self-professed cupcake addict, and I love pretty much any dessert, so it was only fitting that I try out this new take on cake. You can find the recipe and instructions on Bakerella, the blog I found these on, and that’s a blog you should follow! Uunless of course you need to stay away from the temptation of tantalizing treats constantly on display. Her current post is about pillow cookies, which is another baked goody I just have to make soon! Quick take on pillow cookies: chocolate chip cookies with a brownie inside, um hello, sign me up!

I attempted to make the cake balls on Sunday evening. It’s super simple, you use a box cake mix and follow the directions to make a 13×9 inch cake in whatever flavor you desire. I’m sure you can make the cake and frosting from scratch, but it’s just more work, so I stuck with the easy route. I made a chocolate cake and a white cake which I added lemon zest and flavoring to. Once the cakes have cooled, you destroy them! I had a major problem crumbling up a perfectly good cake, but it was for the cake balls, so I relented.

Once the cakes have been crumbled up into large bowls, you add an entire can of frosting to them! I used chocolate and butter-cream for the chocolate and lemon cakes respectively. I also added more lemon zest to the lemon cake at this point, I wanted really lemony cake balls!

You then go to town mushing the frosting and cake together. You can use a spoon, or get down and dirty and do it with your hands. It was a little weird, but totally took me back to childhood, and memories of playing with my food. When the cake and frosting is combined, you make quarter sized balls and place them on a covered baking sheet. I used my amazing Pampered Chef medium-sized scoop, which made it super easy to keep uniform sized balls. I love using this scoop when I am baking! It creates the perfect sized and shaped cookies, and it allows me to fill my cupcake pans just right by using two scoops of batter to each cup. I will be hosting a Pampered Chef catalog party during July, so if you want to order any products, let me know!

After all of the cake balls are made, you chill them for a few hours, or stick them in the freezer to speed up the process. Melt chocolate and dip and cover each ball and set aside to harden. I found this to be the most tedious part of the whole process, and had really bad luck melting chocolate. I only dipped 16 balls, I had made over 40 balls total, and called it a night after burning my chocolate and getting crumbs everywhere. I used milk chocolate chips for the chocolate balls, and white chocolate chips for the lemon balls.You then chill the balls again, and after they have hardened, you get to enjoy them! I brought them out for dessert after my meatless Monday dinner, and it was a huge success because they were cool and refreshing on a hot evening. I will definitely be dipping the rest of the cake balls because they were just so yummy, I can put up with the task!

I am completely in love with cake balls, even with the tedious steps and burning the chocolate chips! Both flavors turned out superb. The chocolate was decadent, and the lemon refreshing. I will definitely be making these again, but hopefully not soon, my diet took enough hits as it is!

Katie is married!

This past weekend I had the distinct honor of providing hair and makeup services for Katie. She and I know each other from high school, and through her siblings who I have been close with throughout the years. She was a calm and collected bride, taking the day in stride, not letting anything phase her. She was patient and relaxed, such a nice change from a lot of the frenzied activity that can accompany a bride on her wedding day. It was a pleasure working with Katie!

Katie and Josh chose Saratoga federated Church in Saratoga, CA as their ceremony location, and had their reception right across the street at the Saratoga Foothill Club, which was designed by the famed Julia Morgan. The White’s are not a particularly decisive bunch, so I had all of the sisters collaborating on Katie’s hair and makeup, making sure we were all achieving the desired look, which made me happy, because it’s nice to see a family that knows each other so well, as to provide the proper feedback one needs on a wedding day. Katie is the first bride I have provided makeup services for, so of course I was a little nervous, but she is such a trooper and left her makeup in my hands, foregoing a trial, and saying I could make her up so she would look nice in pictures, but still look like herself. I used soft neutral browns, and some peachy bronzes for her eye shadow colors, and applied individual eyelashes to make her eyes pop, used a soft pink blush on her cheeks, and a natural rosey lipstick and gloss to give her a polished and natural look. Her hair was simply curled, and a small portion was caught up at the crown of her head to secure her veil in. Katie was absolutely glowing- such a stunning bride- and I was so happy to be a part of her day.

Whiskey Tears Official trailer

In the summer of 2008, so 2 years ago now, I was given a unique and wonderful opportunity to be the Key Hair stylist for a short independent film. Element 151, a San Jose based production company, wrote, directed and produced this 15 minute video about a group of rockabilly 20 somethings who are the kings and queens of their own little world. Everybody knows their names at the dive bars they frequent, they have cool custom bikes, and with they know that with the right friends, every night can feel like 2am. This is the official trailer for the film, check out the glorious colors, the crispness of the video and the fun hair! Also check out photos from the set below the video. Enjoy!