2010 Emmy Red Carpet looks

Continuing with my theme of red carpet posts from various awards shows, I hereby give you some of the 2010 Emmy red carpet looks! I did not watch the Emmy’s, as I have no cable and couldn’t care less about shows like this anyway, but I LOVE checking out what the stars wore, how they styled their hair, and what major trends were for all of it.

What do you think?

Labor (of.love) Day

Labor day is finally upon us, the official last hurrah of summer! BBQs, picnics, parks, swimming and being outside are great ways to celebrate. It’s a time for reflecting on the great summer that has come to pass, and the amazing autumn that is before us.

I for one, and extremely excited for autumn, as it is my FAVORITE season. My two favorite holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, are the highlights of this season, as is stepping on brilliantly hued crunchy leaves while taking a walk in the crisp weather. Coats, layers, boots, and scarves all start to make an appearance. Hair becomes darker and richer, the summery highlights no longer needed. I was particularly thankful this past summer was not one of the hot ones, and I got to enjoy autumnal temperatures unseasonably early, but there is nothing like the bite to the air that can only be found in November. Living in Northern California, we don’t get to experience all of the seasons in their purest form, but we do get a spectacular autumn, however short-lived it may be, wedged in between the dry, dusty summer and the wet, cold winter. Welcome, the most glorious season of autumn!

Some of my favorite things about autumn:

Celebrating birthdays! Lots of friends, family and my hubby all have fall birthdays

Planning a Halloween/birthday party with Billy and Fraggle

Dressing up!!!!!


Way too much yummy Thanksgiving food

Brightly colored foliage

Crisp bite in the air

Stepping on crunchy leaves


Halloween and autumn decorations, EVERYWHERE!

Layering my clothes

Scarves and mittens

First rain storms

I wanna get away

There is something about summer that makes me want to just…get away! I am DYING to leave town and go on a vacation. To pretty much anywhere. Las Vegas and South Lake Tahoe are especially calling me right now.

Last summer I went to Vegas twice, (I know, life is rough) and had a blast both times. I don’t exactly fit the mold of the typical Vegas party girl. I don’t drink copious amounts of alcohol in one sitting, or very often, I despise cigarette smoke, I have extremely bad gambler’s luck and bring it like a black cloud to anyone around me, and I don’t like to go to clubs and dance with strange sweaty people. There is something magical about Vegas that makes all of the above, if not exciting and fun, at least tolerable. I drank,  I danced, I gambled, I tolerated the smokey casinos and did it all with a smile on my face.

The best part of Vegas for me is the amount of things to do, see and eat. I got to attend the first ever UFC Fan Expo, which was AWESOME! I met MMA fighters, checked out all the coolest new fight stuff, watched a grappling tournament my friend Tom competed in. I also got to eat at yummy places, stay in lovely hotels, and play all day and night, and I was present for the wedding of some of my favorite people, yeah I’m talking about you Tom and Tiffany!

I didn’t get around to doing nearly any of the exciting touristy things, like take in a Cirque or burlesque show,

go on any of the casino rides and attractions like the Manhattan Express at New York New York, or ride in a gondola at the Venetian.

And I didn’t get to rub elbows with any celebrities that frequent Vegas, or call this hot city their home.

But I did get to eat at the best burger place ever, Burger Bar at Mandalay Place, walk the strip and drink an alcoholic slushie, stay in one of the most comfortable beds  ever at Treasure Island, which of course has a PIRATE SHIP out front!

Tahoe of course, holds a special place in my heart because it is where Billy and I got married 🙂 We also spent a Labor Day weekend there one year, and it was fantastic! We got to ride a super charged jet ski, watch fireworks over the lake, eat at yummy places, stay at the luxurious MontBleu Resort and had ourselves a fantastic time.

Pretty much any vacations sounds good to me right now. Another factor that is making me wanna get away, my Virgin America flight credit that is expiring on August 2. If I don’t use it, then I lose it, and I desperately DO NOT want to lose it, but it looks likes that is gonna happen.

So instead of running off to Vegas, or Tahoe, I will continue to dream about how lovely those places are, and the fun  I could be having!

5k race pictures!

Wow, what an experience!! The Henry Coe Park 5 and 10k race was awesome! It was a ridiculous day overall, with the race and then the filming, but the pictures are more fun than detailing all of this hehe

The bald guy in the green shirt is my roommate Donald, one of Billy’s oldest friends from childhood. He is the perfect roommate, and I will have to write a whole blog just on him soon!

Billy and I created an “Adrian” gang sign to throw up while we were waiting on the race start. Should my Jersey Shore name be “A-Wow”?

Donald didn’t manage to capture the race start, because it was so crowded and the race start was narrow. So the race itself….wasn’t so bad! I had my iPod playing my training music, but I ended up skipping over the Lady GaGa that had been so prevalent in my training. I opted instead to listen to New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, Skillet, The Almost and Fire Flight. I have found that good music makes all the difference when I run, and it was true for the race as well!

One thing I hadn’t trained for or expected were the water crossings! The race was straight in and back, with a turn around at the first water station for 5k, which took us over 6 creeks that ALL had water in them each way. Normally, this time of year all of the creeks would be dry, but the late rains kept the creeks wet. 3 of the creeks had a little over a foot of water in them or knee-deep on me, whereas the other 3 were about ankle-deep. Running with water-logged shoes was the equivalent of adding about 4 pounds of extra weight to my feet, which made for a tough run, especially up the hills that dotted the course. I kept up my pace, even with the added water, and was able to weave through the other racers and charge up hills. It took me about a half mile to actually start looking around, and seeing the beauty of Hunting Hollow, with the sun yellowed grasses, the oak trees and absolutely gorgeous blue June sky! The dry dirt path was extra stirred up by all of the runners, so I tried to move out of the packs and pass runners whenever I could. It was incredibly difficult to swallow with the dry throat the dirt created, and at the water station I had a crazy hard time drinking water, and ended up spitting most of it out. Accidentally.

All through my training I was ending the last 1/8th of a mile in a sprint, but the end of the race where I would be sprinting (also where we began the race) was one of the wider creeks, so I had to hop through that and use the last 100 feet to sprint with soggy shoes…not a very good combination! I ended up running the 5k in 30 minutes and some seconds that I can’t remember now, so I made my goal of under 31 minutes! Tiffany’s husband Tom quoted a FaceBook update of mine from January 21, 2010 where I said I was run/walking 3 miles in 40 minutes, and set a goal to get down to 30 minutes, and I got that too, it was awesome to see where I have come from in the last 6 months.

You  see that LAKE behind me? I had to run through it, TWICE!

Giving my bib number to the time guy, I was still trying to catch my breath but I was thrilled to be done! Check out how wet the legs of my shorts got from trudging through the creeks!

Oh please, no more pictures! I was so sweaty, tired, and so over pictures of me in the previously mentioned state.