Lauren Conrad made me popular

Seriously, I don’t think people actually read what I write. When I check in and see that people have actually been hanging out on my blog, reading the drivel I write, looking at the pictures I think are pretty and inspiring, and generally being my friend and confidant, it astounds me. I also wonder how many actually stick around, and aren’t just a Google search fly by looking for a Lauren Conrad Updo.

Miss Michelle of Booksnshoes recently posted a fab giveaway, which I told you about (and you should have entered, hello!) because she saw the number of admirers visitors to her blog had grown. This got me thinking “how many people visit my blog?” Turns out, it’s a lot of you (over 15,000 visits since December)!

I try to be creative. I try to post pretty pictures when I’m not particularly verbal. I try to entertain you. I try to post hair related things. I try. I try all for you! I’m hoping you get a few inspirations, hair tricks, lightened moods, laughs, and feelings of solidarity and commiseration out of reading my blog. Thank you, I love you this much!

Also, it turns out you like Lauren Conrad. A lot. That seems to be the biggest draw to my blog, so thanks Lauren Conrad and your braided/messy bun/low curly bun/side bun/updo for bringing people to my site, and perhaps making them stay to check the place out? I  think I need to put a Lauren Conrad updo tag in every single post I write, then I’ll see the traffic increase, right?!

I will be announcing a giveaway tomorrow for the loyal friends who visit my blog and read what I write, even though I hate my own writing, you apparently don’t mind it 🙂 All the cool kids are doing giveaways now, didn’t you know? I’ve always wanted to be a cool kid! Yes, it will be hair themed, which is just so appropriate 🙂


wait, people READ this stuff?

Holy moly, how on Earth did I manage to get 120 hits on this blog on Saturday alone?! I know I do not have that many readers, especially people I know (do I even have 120 friends? psshh yeah right!)

With the appointments I had at the salon on Saturday, 3 prom updos, I guess prom season is in full swing! The most searched blog tags were about updos- Lauren Conrad, braided, 2010 Oscars, red carpet etc. My 2010 Oscars write-up got 45 hits on it’s own. This blows my mind. So let me say, to the 2 of you who actually read this on a regular basis, (there ARE 2 of you, right?) THANK YOU! Thank you for reading my sometimes erratic, often not so amusing , scatterbrained posts and STILL coming back for more. I appreciate having someone to write to, even if most of the time I think I am talking to myself, but just happen to put it on the internet, where anyone can see it, *gulp*.

This sort of thing makes me want to write better posts and have a more interesting blog. It’s what has me scouring my friends’ blog recommendations, reading all these wonderful things that other people write. Like, did you know, there are SO many truly talented and crafty people who write blogs? I know I can be awfully naive, and even a little ignorant (what can I say, it’s bliss!) but I didn’t realize just how many crazy cool blogs there are out there! Just a few that my friend Michelle turned me on to are: cake wrecks, Jessica’s Treasures, Kansas couture, and even one I stumbled upon on my own (I think, I have been doing a lot of blog reading and could have found it off of a friends’ blog) knock off wood. I also have become a loyal devotee to all things Dooce, and no I do not mean the #2 you do in the bathroom, but the mommy blogger from Utah! Reading blogs is a great way to find inspiration, feel solidarity with another human being, or get tips and tricks for some sort of crafty project.

So…if this blog started to ramble, or lose any semblance of sense, please forgive me! I hadn’t intended on blogging tonight, but when I checked out the stats, I just had to, even though my Melatonin was already kicking in, and my focus was waning and my brain was tucked in for the night. So yeah, good night, and thank you for reading!