Oh man, I can’t believe they were able to edit and produce this quickly! Guys, here is the music video for ‘Spin” by Northern Son we shot on Tuesday (yes, that’s yesterday!!) I was happy to help with hair, wardrobe changes, and providing some comic relief wherever I could with my fantastic finger mustache. I was a little obsessed, you will see in the photos ūüėČ By the way, it was shot at the Old Wagon Saloon in downtown San Jose. The old western feel to the bar is wonderful, I want to throw a theme party there now!

Enjoy the video for ‘Spin’ now!

Decisions, Decisions, a SFI.09 PSA

Last summer, I was given another opportunity to work with Element 151, this time, as hairstylist for the SFI09 (Summer Film Initiative, 2009), which was a program sponsored by the gang and violence prevention force of San Jose. “Decisions, Decisions” was written, produced and directed by the high school students in the SFI09 program in conjunction with Element 151. The kids spent several weeks learning about film production, and worked really hard during the day of shooting to produce this final PSA. I had a good time meeting these individuals and seeing that the youth of today are going to make great adults of tomorrow. Here is the PSA!

Whiskey Tears Official trailer

In the summer of 2008, so 2 years ago now, I was given a unique and wonderful opportunity to be the Key Hair stylist for a short independent film. Element 151, a San Jose based production company, wrote, directed and produced this 15 minute video about a group of rockabilly 20 somethings who are the kings and queens of their own little world. Everybody knows their names at the dive bars they frequent, they have cool custom bikes, and with they know that with the right friends, every night can feel like 2am. This is the official trailer for the film, check out the glorious colors, the crispness of the video and the fun hair! Also check out photos from the set below the video. Enjoy!

Save Your Life

This weekend I tried my hand at film makeup, and it seems to have gone over well! I worked on 3 male actors, and it was a much simpler form of makeup that way. Guys don’t need any eye makeup, they just need some general skin care and foundation to even out their complexions, and then lots of setting powder, and some bronzer for sculpting. I was especially handy at mopping up sweaty brows and re-powdering shiny noses ūüôā I had to create some sort of prison yard type tattoos on the thugs in the film, so I put a spider web on one man’s neck, and the other’s elbow, and put a cross on one’s forearm and a spade on the other’s hand. They were by no means professional looking, and when you looked at them in person you could tell it wasn’t real, and was eyeliner, but it worked for the shot. I also got to bloody a guy’s nose and lip! It was exciting.

Save Your Life is going to be a TV special that they are hoping will be picked up by a network and eventually become a series. The premise is that you can use martial arts training for many things in life, including overcoming trauma, dealing with past hurts, and getting yourself out of dangerous situations, the last being the scene we shot this weekend. We filmed in downtown San Jose, and boy did we get so many curious glances from passers-by.

I met a lot of really, genuinely nice people on this shoot, most of them associated with KO Karate. Master John Ozuna is the proprietor of KO, wrote a book about his multitude of life experiences from which Save Your Life originated, and is such a sweetheart! His fellow instructors and students made up the cast and extras, and there was a small production team who were professional and eager to make the most of every situation, from gawkers, light rail trains, buses and homeless people, to ever-changing light situations, losing power and having to re-shoot certain scenes soooo many times.

I am so happy to have been a part of this production, but man, I was worn out at the end of the first day because it followed my 5k and early wake up time. We had originally planned on just one day of shooting, but due to losing the light, we shot 2 scenes on Sunday to finish up. Over all it was about 10 hours total, but in film, you hurry up to wait. You rush rush rush to get everything done so you can start shooting, then you just hang around to see when you will be needed.

I didn’t get to snap a lot of pictures during the shooting, but here are the few I caught!

Master John Ozuna in the KO Karate studio

Pete, AKA Thug #1

Leland AKA The Dealer and his neck tattoo

Shooting on 1st st at Paseo de San Antonio

Fun facts I learned this weekend: Master Ozuna is the 2008 Guinness World Record holder of most martial arts punches in one minute, we was chosen to be one of the Ninja Turtles in the original movie, but declined the role to pursue more martial arts, the KO Karate studio bathrooms are AH-MAZING, one being the Zen garden and the other the Dragon’s Den, and they both live up to their names.

Wedding cake extravaganza!!

This week tired me out, like seriously physically tired me out. My best friend Sarah was commissioned to make a beautiful wedding cake for her brother’s wedding, in return for the gorgeous cake he had made her for her own wedding 3 years ago. This family makes me sick, they are so multi-talented and amazing. Just a few things Sarah alone excels at: sewing- including pattern making, formal wear, bags, fashion forward attire, and a few prom dresses for yours truly, Baking/cooking- she made my wedding cupcakes and cutting cake, including the hand painted royal icing flowers and also my wedding favors which were homemade chocolate truffles, and she bakes and cooks a mean game anytime she gets the chance, Gardening- she brought her own herbs she had grown in New Mexico while she was living there, home to San Jose when they moved back this past summer and she got a dwarf Meyer lemon tree as her Christmas present, and she is even a veritable¬† know it all- just ask her a random question, and she will have some tidbit of information that will tickle your brain.¬† Now that’s an introduction! But back to my cake story….

Since Sarah realized there would ONLY be wedding cake and beverages served to the 250 guests her brother and future sister-in-law had invited, she knew she had her work cut out for her, and thus enlisted my services as a sou chef to help with the load. We began baking on Sunday, committing 12+ hours to white cake and vanilla buttercream (along with cleaning, running out to buy ingredients etc). Monday we resumed our cake making for 8+ hours, this time working on chocolate cake, more vanilla buttercream and¬†flavored buttercream¬†fillings.¬† Tuesday we finished up with 4+ hours of the remaining cakes and buttercreams to ensure we had enough to create a 7 tier wedding cake consisting of 2-3 layers of cake¬†per tier. I think the final count was somewhere around 17 layers of cake and 15+ batches of buttercream. For all of this, I know we went through 2-3 cans of cocoa powder, about 15 pounds of sugar,¬† at least 30 pounds of butter, and at least 120 eggs. I say “at least” because I stopped counting after that point.

We reached a state of exhaustion that rendered us completely unable to bake anymore on each day but we came back for more the next.¬† I give it to Sarah for persevering and continuing to work even after I left, because I know I was “honey, stick a fork in me, I’m done” and she kept going. She’s an Energizer bunny, that one!

But it didn’t end in her kitchen here in San Jose, oh no! Sarah preceded to pack up all the crumb coated layers and ziplock bags of buttercream, pack them into¬†the car, and she, her hubby and grandpa spent two days driving up to Le Grand, Oregon, where her brother lives and the wedding is taking place. There she stacked the layers with specific fillings, and frosted the entire cake, made her own fondant, colored it bright yellow and green, made differing sizes of polka dots, and added the dots and ribbon to the cake.

The flavors went this way from the bottom up. Tier #1= chocolate cake with mocha buttercream. Tier #2= white cake with raspberry buttercream (we made our own raspberry sauce and flavored vanilla buttercream with it, soooo good!). Tier #3= white cake with chocolate buttercream. Tier #4= white cake with vanilla buttercream. Tier #5 chocolate cake with chocolate toffee buttercream. Tier #6= white cake with raspberry  buttercream. Tier #7= chocolate cake with mocha buttercream.

This girl is going places, and I am so glad she is finally giving in to all of us pressuring her to start her own cake business! We are currently working on a business plan and figuring out how to start her out, but¬†when she’s online, you know I will send a shout out her way so you all can check out the greatness that is Sarah and her cakes. If you want to commission a cake made by Sarah, let me know and I will pass the info on!

Here a few pictures from our cake making extravaganza! Sorry the resolution is bad, I only had my Blackberry on me and used that to take photos, not the best quality!

Sarah and I separated all of the egg whites for the white cakes and buttercream, that was only half! We had a "mixer armada" because EVERYTHING was homemade!


Just a few of te chocolate cake layers, there were many more!


Kelso really enjoyed the raspberry buttercream!

TA DA!!! The finished product!