Don’t sweat the heat

According to my blog stats, you guys liked the favorite summer hairstyles  post I made back in June, so I thought I would give you some more breezy, effortless, and chic styles to use on your hair this summer, without all the hot tools and fuss.

Lauren LC Conrad really made a statement when she started French braiding the front section of her hair. It became and instant classic, and looks great on most people. I however, am not most people. My big old forehead makes losing my fringe to the braid not so pretty. You have to figure out a French braid to conquer this look.

The “Heidi”. I always think of the old movie about the Swiss shepard girl who wore her pigtail braids wrapped across the top of her head. It’s a great style if you have longer hair, shoulder length or shorter won’t reach far enough. Super simple to do: part your hair down the middle into two sections. Braid each section and secure with an elastic band, I like the clear ones, and then pull each up and over your head and pin, then tuck ends under braids to finish.

Pigtails to single braid. This can be done by making two single braids from the crown of the head, or two French braids that you combine at the nape of your neck. I love braids because you can have dirty, unwashed hair, wet straight from the shower hair, or day old dry hair to make this work.

Low ponytail with multiple bands. Sounds strange, but look how pretty it is!! Add a cute headband and you are set. It’s a great way to jazz up your basic pony, so enjoy! Also added some pretty casual ponytails too, but that first is just lovely! If you want to dress up your pony, take a thin section of hair from the pony and wrap it around to cover your hair tie and pin in place.

Cool waves. This style you can achieve by taking wet hair, making 5 vertical sections from the crown down around your head, and making small buns with each section, then letting them air dry while you get ready (best if you have lots of time) or over night. You take the buns down and your hair will have lots of waves. It’s a style you will want to practice with, as all hair responds differently, and you may not like the wave pattern. Try it over the weekend and see what you think!

ANOTHER side bun! I know, I know, I have posted this already, but seriously, you can’t go wrong with this style! It’s easy, looks nice, and people will think you worked harder than you actually did. Just pull your hair, wet or dry, over to one side of your neck. You can either twist it into a bun, or secure in a ponytail first, then wrap the hair around the band, and secure with pins. If pieces fall out, who cares, it makes the style look softer!

If you absolutely MUST use head tools on your hair, try to do so sparingly. I suggest washing your hair in the evening, letting it air dry overnight, then styling in the morning with curling iron or flat iron to reduce the amount of heat you have to use. I love tousled waves, which don’t have to look perfect. This can be done by wrapping 2 inch section of hair from ear level around the barrel of the curling iron, but leaving the ends free so they don’t get too curled, then run your fingers through the curls to break them up and tousle. I also love pin straight hair.

Alright lovelies, go out and make your hair beautiful! I hope this helps you figure out things to do with you hair over the summer so you can protect it from heat tools!


favorite summer hairstyles

Summer is officially here! The Summer Solstice was yesterday, and now we can fully embrace the glorious sunshine, water play, being outside and active, bonfires, s’mores and all sorts of goodness!

Summer is also a time when your hair gets completely thrashed. Come on, saltwater and chlorine are terrible, as well as sunshine on your colored locks, so here are some options for you to treat your hair well over the summer months!

Deep condition every week 🙂 Find a nice brand of moisturizing shampoos and conditioners and make sure you take a few extra minutes at least once a week to slather on a heavier conditioner to make up for the heat styling, the chemical treatments and the elements. I love Kevin Murphy‘s Born Again Shampoo and masque, which I use on myself. I am the epitome of everything I wrote above: super blonde hair from coloring, I flat-iron or blow dry regularly, and I am out in the sun every day. I need the moisture and the restructuring.

Find new styles that allow you to not blow dry or use heat tools on your hair. I love braids and side buns and little twisty ‘do styles and wear them a lot. I also work with my natural texture a lot, which is wavy, so I will work in some Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion and then twist sections of hair, scrunch a little and let air dry.

I try not to wear my hair pulled back in super tight ponytails too often because the tension will inevitably start to cause breakage around your hairline which is not so cute. Here are a few of my favorite styles for you to look at!

beachy waves

braids and buns

casual braids

twisty buns

looped buns

braids and messy buns