We’ve got a winner!

I am back in the cool, wet weather of the Bay Area from sunny and warm Phoenix! I brought home a new fascination with body building and fitness, I guess you can say I caught the bug, and now I want to be a part of this whole new world! Oh no, don’t worry, I won’t be competing, I just want to figure out a way to be involved by doing hair and makeup for the competitors at different fitness events all around the country. I am scheming, and I have big plans, just you wait!

You may think of body building and immediately see Arnold Schwarzenegger or some pumped up manly woman, but it’s not all about the big muscles and the meat heads. Well, there is a lot of that, especially in the body building classes, but there are also amazingly beautiful women who have lovely toned and muscular bodies in the figure classes, and lean, toned and beautiful women in the bikini classes. I was especially interested in the bikini division because my friend Tiffany was competing in that class, so I knew the most about it.

Tiffany blew us all away by placing 5th (top 5 placings were qualified for national level shows) out of 13 in her very first show. Frankly, I think she looked amazing and should have placed top 3, but the judging is weird in bikini, and you never know what they will be looking for. Tiffany looked absolutely fantastic after 4 months of preparations, diet, exercise, posing lessons, and trips back and forth to Arizona to work with her trainers at AZ Pro Physiques to get ready for the NPC Western Regionals. I have never seen someone with more dedication, self-control, willpower and enthusiasm for something so difficult to achieve. She wasn’t feeling all that hot come show day, but she sure looked amazing!

This collage shows Tiffany the night before the competition with her spray tan all aglow, day of hair and makeup, on stage in one of her poses, and with her trophy at the awards ceremony.

This is 4 of the top 5 girls, the blonde in the pink on the far left didn’t make it. That skinny little girl in the center won 1st place. I didn’t agree. She was far too thin and bony looking to have won 1st, but once again, the judges are all looking for something specific and it always changes.

This is our gorgeous, amazing, rockstar 5th place winner!! It was a very long day for her! We were up at 6am (after not sleeping well for 4-5 hours), at the venue by 8am, and this was taken around 11pm that night!! We decided show makeup is a cross between Jersey Shore and Oompa Loompa, it’s a real winner of a combo, don’tcha think?

Also, it’s Mingle Monday! (Tuesday by my clock saying almost 1am, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it doesn’t count! Make sure you stop by Life of Meg and check out the awesome bloggers who participate in Mingle Monday.


Tomorrow I leave for Arizona where I will meet up with my fabulous and amazing friend Tiffany and her husband Tom in Phoenix!

Tiffany has had the willpower of a saint these last few months as she has trained her body and her mind to compete in her first bikini figure competition. Don’t think body building, those ladies get jacked, think lean, toned and gorgeous! Tiffany was never a large person to begin with, she’s maybe 5’1, and I don’t think ever broke 120 pounds. Now she looks phenomenal after 3 months of a hardcore regimen that I can’t even fathom doing because it’s so tough, and I would break down crying like a little girl after day 1 of diet and exercise. This is why I am not the one competing, and Tiffany is. Instead, I will play my trusty role of backstage help, getting her hair and makeup perfect, and making sure Tiffany stays sane in the hoopla that will unfold in the next few days.

I am so excited I am humming with energy and buzzing about the house annoying the pets and being ignored by the hubby. I of course left my packing till last-minute, but seem to have everything under control…or so I hope.

I’m going to attempt to move my flight up tomorrow, if an earlier flight has available seats, otherwise I get in to Phoenix around 9:30pm, and I don’t want to miss all the Friday night fun with Tiffany unless I absolutely have to! I look forward to sharing photos and my thoughts from this weekend when I get back, so check in next week for the recap!


Some things that inspire me are:

  • Bikini bodies. This is actually my current screen saver, and it serves as a reminder that hard work pays off. As Josh says “Eat like a rockstar, look like a rockstar”.

  • Bodyrock.tv by Zuzanna Light.  Zuzanna is this crazy fit super trainer chick who posts workout videos daily. I have yet to actually do one of the workouts, but I enjoy reading the accompanying blog and seeing the pictures of the different moves.

  • Fitness blogs by Josh Hillis. He is a master trainer and kettle bell instructor who writes amazing diet and fitness blogs that cut out the BS and give you the skinny (hehe) on what works and what doesn’t, and why. I found him last week, and am already addicted. This is a blog about workout partners, wanna be my workout buddy?
  • Tiffany, my amazing friend, fellow hairstylist, trainer, nutritionist and MMA enthusiast. She has a rockin body, works super hard at everything, balances life, work, and education, and is a completely genuine and sweet person.

  • Whimsical and pretty pictures. What, this isn’t entirely about diet and exercise, other things inspire me too! I wish my life looked like an Anthropologie catalog. Um, yes I realize that 6 photos follow, but I LOVE them all!

  • lolcats. They make me laugh, and that’s a good thing! There is something special about cats that allows you to use bad spelling and grammar to imagine what they would say that is entirely too funny and irresistible.

  • Avant garde hairstyles. I like those editorial shoots where the hair is completely wacky and not anything a real person could wear out. They inspire me to dig deep to come up with photo shoot ideas that are fun. I’m much better at copying someone else’s work, than creating my own, so this is a way for me to reach outside MY box without working too hard 😉