Celebrity inspired wedding hairstyles for 2010

I figured you would enjoy a post that details what my brides have been asking for style wise for their hair this season. I collected photos of the most requested wedding hairstyles for 2010 for you to check out, so here ya go! I would love to hear if you wanted any of these looks for your own wedding, or if you had something else in mind!

The side pony. This is hands down the most popular wedding look for my brides this summer. All the girls want some variation of this look. It’s gorgeous, a little casual, and shows off the back and shoulders without having a traditional updo. I love it.

Eva Longoria. This look is printed out and brought to trials, and even day of weddings by girls who want a sexy all up look. Usually the looks end up a little closer to the head, as they have to withstand wind, dancing and long hours, whereas Ms. Longoria had to walk down a red carpet and attend an awards show only.

Taylor Swift. There are many Taylor looks that come my way. I am not a fan of her tight spiral curls, but I understand the appeal for many women, and I do what they want. Taylor Swift has a very unique look, and she carries it well, so why wouldn’t a bride or bridesmaid want to look like that on a special day?

Carrie Underwood. OK, I have to admit Carrie is my go-to celebrity for hairstyles. She always looks fierce, amazing, polished, and classy on the red carpet. I love her hair, makeup, and the gorgeous dresses she is always in. I feel bad for her team, because she goes to a lot of red carpet events, and has to look fabulous each time, so they must have to get extra creative to find new styles for her to wear.

Lauren Conrad. Her twisted back curly updo, seen below in the upper right corner, is second to the side pony for most often requested styles. She’s a cute girl, her style is impeccable, and she has a classy way about her, so I approve. I usually make the twisted back look a little curlier for texture, but there have been many variations this summer.

I wanna get away

There is something about summer that makes me want to just…get away! I am DYING to leave town and go on a vacation. To pretty much anywhere. Las Vegas and South Lake Tahoe are especially calling me right now.

Last summer I went to Vegas twice, (I know, life is rough) and had a blast both times. I don’t exactly fit the mold of the typical Vegas party girl. I don’t drink copious amounts of alcohol in one sitting, or very often, I despise cigarette smoke, I have extremely bad gambler’s luck and bring it like a black cloud to anyone around me, and I don’t like to go to clubs and dance with strange sweaty people. There is something magical about Vegas that makes all of the above, if not exciting and fun, at least tolerable. I drank,  I danced, I gambled, I tolerated the smokey casinos and did it all with a smile on my face.

The best part of Vegas for me is the amount of things to do, see and eat. I got to attend the first ever UFC Fan Expo, which was AWESOME! I met MMA fighters, checked out all the coolest new fight stuff, watched a grappling tournament my friend Tom competed in. I also got to eat at yummy places, stay in lovely hotels, and play all day and night, and I was present for the wedding of some of my favorite people, yeah I’m talking about you Tom and Tiffany!

I didn’t get around to doing nearly any of the exciting touristy things, like take in a Cirque or burlesque show,

go on any of the casino rides and attractions like the Manhattan Express at New York New York, or ride in a gondola at the Venetian.

And I didn’t get to rub elbows with any celebrities that frequent Vegas, or call this hot city their home.

But I did get to eat at the best burger place ever, Burger Bar at Mandalay Place, walk the strip and drink an alcoholic slushie, stay in one of the most comfortable beds  ever at Treasure Island, which of course has a PIRATE SHIP out front!

Tahoe of course, holds a special place in my heart because it is where Billy and I got married 🙂 We also spent a Labor Day weekend there one year, and it was fantastic! We got to ride a super charged jet ski, watch fireworks over the lake, eat at yummy places, stay at the luxurious MontBleu Resort and had ourselves a fantastic time.

Pretty much any vacations sounds good to me right now. Another factor that is making me wanna get away, my Virgin America flight credit that is expiring on August 2. If I don’t use it, then I lose it, and I desperately DO NOT want to lose it, but it looks likes that is gonna happen.

So instead of running off to Vegas, or Tahoe, I will continue to dream about how lovely those places are, and the fun  I could be having!

Katie is married!

This past weekend I had the distinct honor of providing hair and makeup services for Katie. She and I know each other from high school, and through her siblings who I have been close with throughout the years. She was a calm and collected bride, taking the day in stride, not letting anything phase her. She was patient and relaxed, such a nice change from a lot of the frenzied activity that can accompany a bride on her wedding day. It was a pleasure working with Katie!

Katie and Josh chose Saratoga federated Church in Saratoga, CA as their ceremony location, and had their reception right across the street at the Saratoga Foothill Club, which was designed by the famed Julia Morgan. The White’s are not a particularly decisive bunch, so I had all of the sisters collaborating on Katie’s hair and makeup, making sure we were all achieving the desired look, which made me happy, because it’s nice to see a family that knows each other so well, as to provide the proper feedback one needs on a wedding day. Katie is the first bride I have provided makeup services for, so of course I was a little nervous, but she is such a trooper and left her makeup in my hands, foregoing a trial, and saying I could make her up so she would look nice in pictures, but still look like herself. I used soft neutral browns, and some peachy bronzes for her eye shadow colors, and applied individual eyelashes to make her eyes pop, used a soft pink blush on her cheeks, and a natural rosey lipstick and gloss to give her a polished and natural look. Her hair was simply curled, and a small portion was caught up at the crown of her head to secure her veil in. Katie was absolutely glowing- such a stunning bride- and I was so happy to be a part of her day.

Congratulations Megan and Dillon!

I am so pleased to have been a part of Megan and Dillon’s wedding this past weekend. Megan is a lovely, sweet and beautiful bride, and she and her sister Melissa were classmates and friends of mine from high school. It was such a fun way to kick off the wedding season and I am glad they called me in! The first thing I said to Megan on Saturday morning was “what nature gods did you bribe to get GORGEOUS 75 degree weather in March??” We were astounded with the luck of getting June weather for her off-season March wedding. The first wedding of the season is usually a little rocky because I sometimes feel rusty, or out of practice, but I was happy that everything went smoothly. I should have checked my wedding kit the night before like I usually do, because I ran out of hairspray mid wedding party! Luckily I figured this out and was able to have Billy bring me some reserve cans before I hit the last drop, and there was not a moment of down time waiting on my mistake. I have already made a list of products I need to replenish before May, when my next batch of weddings arrive. Oh, I am a lucky girl to be able to have a job that makes people look and feel beautiful, and that is so fulfilling and satisfying to me. I am truly blessed with work that makes me happy 🙂

Congratulations and best wishes Megan and Dillon! Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful day.

Megan’s style was inspired by a Carrie Underwood style seen here: 

and later Carrie also influenced the bridesmaids hair styles as well!

here are some photos I stole off of Melissa’s FaceBook page! I love FB stalking 😉

Aren’t these bridesmaid dresses so adorable?! The flowers on the shoulder strap went down the back as well.

Wedding Pricing, Travel and Timing

Hello lovely brides-to-be! As per your request, I am including a pricing list for your perusal and information gathering! I would be honored to be a part of your wedding day, helping to make your wedding dreams a reality. My expertise, and my personal favorite, lie in the wedding hair styling capacity, and I want to use all of my time honed skills and enthusiasm to bring you the joy you deserve!

Wedding pricing

Bride $150, which includes a trial before the wedding date. I like to have the trial take place about one month in advance, so we may get a good idea about the style you are looking for.

Bridesmaids $75 each
Mother of bride/ very short hair $50 each
Flower girl $35 each

A non-refundable $100 deposit is required to book services and may be paid through a credit card, check, or cash and will go toward the total service cost to be paid by the wedding trial or 1 month in advance of the wedding date. Cash or check are accepted on the day of event, however credit cards may be used if the total balance is paid in full before the wedding date. Cancellations must be made at least 1 month in advance of the wedding date and all but the $100 deposit can be refunded at that time.

Travel fees

I am ready to serve your wedding party either in salon at Palazzi Salon in Campbell, CA, or on location at your wedding site or getting ready spot. I bring all of my equipment and products with me to better ensure the quality of my styling. All I need is an outlet to plug into, a small space to place my tools and products, and a chair for yourself. Travel is free within a 50 mile radius of Campbell CA, outside of the first 50 miles there is a $50 travel charge within Northern California, and travel is negotiable outside of northern California.

Timing for wedding services

I have developed speed and efficiency when styling hair for weddings, and take pride in quality as well as quickness. I require 45 minutes per person as a general rule. I have been known to bust out a beautiful up style in 30 minutes, but I like having a comfort of the full 45 minutes in case there are some tricky pieces, or the hair just won’t cooperate. I allow time for touch ups at the end of the service to make sure your wedding party is in picture perfect form before the wedding.

A little bit about who I am and what I’m about

I am a hairstylist born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. My northern California upbringing has gifted me with an aesthetic that is casual, classic, and understatedly elegant. I am equally at home styling hair for weddings and photo shoots as I am in the salon working out your monthly cut and color.

I find joy in the simple things in life; my fabulous husband, my two fascinating black kitties, and my amazing friends and family who have remained by my side through the best and the worst of times. I am a dreamer with my feet firmly on the ground, loving all things fiction and fantastical, and am unhealthily addicted to books and the library.

I would love to be a part of your life through your hair, whether you would like to see me regularly for your color or you would like to look as beautiful a bride as your love has made you feel on your wedding day. I especially adore styling hair for weddings and special occasions. There is something about playing dress up and having the perfect hairstyle for the occasion that has always drawn me to these events, and I would love to be a part of yours!