Let’s go Monday!

It’s Monday, you know what to do! Head on over to Life of Meg and get involved in Mingle Monday! I just love all the ladies that participate in MM, I get to read awesome new bloggers each week and sometimes I even get new readers here too!

I had a really nice weekend. Saturday I worked at the salon, but got off work early, so I took a 12+ mile bike ride. It was awesome actually riding outside. I normally ride inside at spin class, so feeling the wind in my face, and checking out the gorgeous scenery was a nice change. Check out this beautiful photo I snapped at sunset on my way back near the lake I am going to be swimming in at my triathlon next June!

I love Almaden lake. I run there a lot because the creek trail is so pretty. Here is another photo Billy took on a walk at the lake this past summer. So amazingly gorgeous, right?

I got to see my great friend Sharon at her Holiday House Warming party. It was nice being social and seeing some old friends. I like to consider myself a homebody, and tend to stay in most weekends, so this little excursion to the social side of life was a welcome respite.

Sunday was a quick day at the salon, so I made a trip to Target, one of my most favorite places the shop. How can you not love Target, they have everything! I got a package of 4 rolls of wrapping paper, a whole mess of bows and name tags for $9! I took my bounty home and wrapped gifts. Normally, people would listen to Christmas music and drink hot cocoa while doing this. I however, watched old episodes of Bones and ate Wheat Thins. Ahhh, gift wrapping with serial killers and their dead victims, now that’s the stuff.

So that was my weekend, what was yours like?

Monday, funday!

Hey friends, it’s that time again- MINGLE MONDAY!! Meg is once again hosting, so head over to Megnificent Life and join up 🙂

I had a very busy weekend! I took a quick road trip to southern California with Tiffany for the NPC Excalibur fitness competition. She was competing, I did hair and makeup. The show was great, Tiffany looked her very best, posed amazingly, and totally rocked her time on stage. She came in 6th, which is very respectable for her 2nd ever competition. She also had a photo shoot on Sunday with Natalie Minh, a super great photographer who was an international figure competitor herself, so she really knows fitness. The shoot was for a catalog for Powertec fitness equipment, so we got to go to the Powertec headquarters and see their 2011 equipment. I can’t wait to see the finished photos and get my tear sheet for my portfolio! Road trips, and most travel in general, always exhausts me and makes me stick very close to home for a few days afterward. I am so OCD that the packing process makes me anxious, and snappy, so poor Billy always gets the raw deal whenever I go anywhere. He is such a good hubby for putting up with my cranky pants. All in all, I am so happy to be home, doing laundry, running errands and getting back to my normal schedule.

Hope you have an amazing Monday!