Stormy, with a chance of moodiness

I think the weather has me down today. I was so happy with the gorgeous day we had yesterday. I mean, 70 degrees, sunny and warm enough for me to have gotten a tan while sitting out in the yard for an hour? Yeah, that’s some good weather for February. Today however, is stormy, grey, wet and generally not so good. Going from beautiful and perfect to down right depressing in a span of hours is not my idea of fun. Yesterday was such a tease.

My mood most definitely reflects the change in weather. I was upbeat, positive, and cheerful yesterday, while today I have been struggling to keep a good attitude. It started off that way, with a 7:30am text to set up a “study date” for Kobe to work on his science fair project with a friend after school that I am in no way able to help with because the concept is beyond my limited science of magnetism knowledge. Magnets stick to metal, but not aluminium. Sometimes, if you turn a magnet around, it will repel another magnet. That’s it. The boys’ report is outside this, so I was counting on 5th graders to be self-motivated and knowledgable enough to start their report on their own, hah yeah right.

Second, twice today I have had plans changed at the very last moment. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is mood wrecking and intensely awful to a control freak like me. For starters, I finally convinced Billy to go for a walk with me at the lake near our house, but as we are driving over, the ominous and threatening black thunder clouds opened up and it began to rain. Yup, mother nature rained ALL over my parade, er, walk. My hubby is definitely not a fan of exercise and likes it even less when it is outside in pollen and allergen land. For me to have gotten a positive response was ground breaking, so I was instantly pouty when I realized it would not come to fruition. Now, I am sitting at home on a Friday evening, which in itself is not unusual, I AM a homebody, but we had made plans to head to Santa Cruz to hang out with a beauty school friend of mine who is in town, and all of Billy’s work friends for sushi. I came home from work, got myself ready to go out, and then had to wait around while the hubby got himself ready, totally the opposite of what normally happens, but he had been engrossed in a video game and was shirking responsibility. He finally decides to call a friend to ask about meeting times and such, only to find out the whole dinner was called off on account of rain and general lack of interest in various parties of driving through the storm and meeting up.

Unfortunately, I HATE change, so to have encountered it twice in one day, while on my way to the activity that was changed, really frustrates me. I can deal with change if I have ample notice, say had Billy called before I got home, and asked these questions then so he could let me know what to expect and know not to go through the effort of putting on makeup, changing clothes and generally being in the mindset to go out, I would have been better equipped to handle the change in plans. Now I am completely wrecked for any good times, and am taking it out on my hubby who just looks at me like “plans change, get over it, it’s not my fault”. I want him to be Superman and save the day and my mood, but he is a mere mortal human being who can’t read my mind, and doesn’t know how to fix everything *gasp*!

Sometimes I just make everything worse, especially if my control issues are involved.

If Billy had a blog…

…He would write about cars. Car parts, dream cars, lists of mods he would do to cars, what he has done to his cars, etc. He would probably also write about UFC and Mixed Martial Arts, but that would be secondary to cars .

Today Billy and I are visiting his parents, and they have fanangled him into helping clean out the garage. I however, am sitting bundled up in a blanket on a chair watching through the open garage door while Billy and his mama sort through boxes. Billy manages to get her to throw out 80% of the stuff that they go through. Yeah, I’m a lazy girl, but its better this way. Better because it keeps the peace between me and the mama; I am way too OCD and controlling to be able to help in any way.

This is also an exercise in bonding for Billy and his mama. They are oohing and aahhing over random finds, and Billy will occasionally sing the do-do-do-do Zelda “find something cool” song when he stumbles upon a relic of his youth. So far, its been weapons. Brass knuckles, the Thunder Cats Sword of Omens, various ninja swords, police issue telescoping batons, and a staple gun- don’t ask about that last one, but do know he had fun shooting staples into the yard. Turns out my baby has quite the collection of “hurt bad guys” things. He isn’t allowed to bring them home, they scare me.
Now, aside from helping his folks out and bonding with his mama in the process, Billy’s real motivation for cleaning out the garage is so he can work on and store his project car in a clean space. For the last year his pretty little Eclipse has been in residence in the driveway, which was fine when it was a paint peeling bucket of bolts. Now however, it is a freshly painted, sleek machine that is a few modifications and adjustments away from being a not-very-street-legal rocket. Ten years in the making, and finally he is rounding the bend on the dream mods list of “I wish I could do that to my car”. The paint wasn’t on his list, but his best friend and I surprised him for his birthday with some body work and a custom gorgeous paint job. I may think Eva (the Eclipse dream car) is the other woman in our relationship (how dare he spend money on a girl other than me!) I still want his project over and done with, and also to see him happy.
The garage has come to a stalemate with Billy and his mama, they could get rid of and move more stuff, but there is no more garbage or recycling space, so they have called it quits for the day. Now Billy is on to his car, charging the battery, turning it on, listening to the motor, and I’m sure, plotting his next mod and figuring out what needs to be done in order for his project to be complete.

Other hair services I offer

Not only do I offer wedding and special event hair styling on location, I also work at a full service salon and offer cut and color services. Just thought I’d let you know, so you can let me know when you need to book your next service!

Clip in extensions– $90. This is great for the bride that wants fullness, length or a color effect on their wedding day, but doesn’t want the hassle of long-term extensions.

Hair Dreams or Great Lengths extensions– price depends on length, amount of strands and which brand of hair used. Typical prices for half-head (nape of neck, to just above ears) runs about $600, and full-head (nape, above ears and crown) runs about $1,000. Consultation is required to determine the amount of strands to be used, order the hair, and set up follow-up appointment for placement. This service includes a cut and style. Both systems use individual strand thermal bonding methods for 3-6 months wear. A great investment for someone who wants fullness, length, highlights or punky color effects without bleach or permanent dye.

Haircut $50 for women $35 for men

All over color $75

Color touch up $60

Partial highlight (top and sides) $90

Full highlight $125

Toner (with highlight) $25

House Guests

I LOVE taking care of people. I really enjoy playing “mom” to my friends, and doing whatever I can, and offering all I have to the people I love. It’s a part of my personality, something I have embraced and encouraged, as it makes not only my friends happy, but also makes me happy. This past week at church, the pastor asked us what our strengths and weakness are. I think hospitality is one of my strengths. I am working out the rest of my strengths and weaknesses, but this I absolutely know.

Billy and I played host to my great friend Lexie and her Scottish boyfriend Grant for the last 3 days, and we had an absolute blast! Lexie and Grant just returned from an 11 month stint in New Zealand where they lived and worked and traveled, and have since been running around California, from Morro Bay to San Francisco, and gave us the pleasure of their company.

We wanted to make sure they had a good time with us, so I went into ultra hostess mode, stocking the fridge with all sorts of goodies, filling up the aerobed, and cleaning the apartment from top to bottom. I was told Grant is quite the cook, so I took him on a tour of my kitchen, gave him free rein for any meals he wanted to cook, and told them both to make themselves at home. My gracious repression of my pseudo OCD and control issues paid off, as Grant and Lexie made us a UK favorite of bangers, mash and peas! It was a totally Americanized version with Trader Joe’s mango sausages, but it was delicious. It was nice having someone else want to take care of dinner for us, instead of me rushing home to hastily throw together a meal for Billy and I.

I returned the favor the next night, and created the Traveler’s Cafe with menu cards, cloth napkins and all. On the menu: sautéed broccoli with red pepper flakes, parmesan and romano rice, chicken cordon bleu, and home-made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We had a great dinner together, and beyond the food, it was nice to enjoy their conversation, the stories from the last year they have spent abroad, and get to know Grant whom Lexie has been dating for the last 3 years and we have heard LOADS about. Favorite quote of the night: “It was YUM!” Thanks Grant.


Our Table

We enjoyed a hike in Santa Teresa Park, forging our own path up and over hills, enjoying the reprieve from the rain, and enjoying the beauty of nature and again, each other’s company.

Grant and Lexie helped me figure out if a faux fur shrug I have is actually faux fur, not stray dog or kitty fur because it was made in China, where they have lower standards. Grant even modeled the shrug, and I happened to catch it in a photo! Oh Grant, did you realize you would be put on my blog in Lexie’s shades and my shrug? Oh boy, you should know better!

I am so glad Lexie is back in California, I missed her so much the last year, and can’t wait to hang out more once she is all settled in.

Preferred Vendors

Vendors I enjoy working with, who provide excellent services for weddings and special occasions. I will update when I have more selections, so check out this section regularly for new vendors!


Shanni Weilert- I have been following Shanni’s work for a while, and I adore her style, her editing, and her heart for her clients. Trust me, this will rock your world!

Ashley Maxwell Photography- I am a new believer in Ashley Maxwell, having only discovered her recently. You may notice her style is a lot like Shanni’s,  that’s because they have worked together (or something like that, I heard a second-hand story, so you might have to ask them to get the full version).

Michelle Dickson- Michelle shot my  own wedding, and I loved it! She is original, fresh and has a simple approach that is awesome. She allowed me a great deal of creative freedom in how my photos were edited.

Juliet Nicole- One of my favorite photographer friends! She focuses mainly on senior portrait type sessions and photo shoots, so not sure if she is offering weddings anymore, but if you have other photographic needs, you should definitely seek her services! I know you like the photos I have at the top of my blog, the 2 end photos are both by Juliet Nicole, and my previous entire header was her work.

Makeup Artists:

Sara Garcia of A Bridal Glow- Sara is super sweet, a steady rock on a stressful wedding day, and very professional. I very much enjoyed working with her this summer.

Diana Cortez Makeup Artistry- Diana is quick, efficient and creates effortless and beautiful looks for weddings and special events.

Bakeries: yum! I love their baked goodies, and I have had their wedding cakes and they have been delicious.

Wedding boutiques:

Betroth bridal and accessories this is Ashley Maxwell’s new venture that mixes photography, fashion, cupcakes and beauty all in one cute boutique in downtown Willow Glen. Super cute space, and has the greatest wedding accessories you could ask for made by Ashley herself! I loved this shop when it was located in Los Gatos, and now they have an even better location to serve your wedding needs in Campbell! another Campbell favorite. my best friend found her dress here, they had amazing customer service and a huge selection of dresses.

10 beauty mistakes to avoid on your wedding day

I am a featured vendor on, and they have recently asked for my advice on the 10 beauty mistakes to avoid on your wedding day. Here are my suggestions!

10 beauty mistakes to avoid

1- Not making room in your budget to allow for professional hairstyling. Many women would like to keep their costs down, and think that doing their own hair or their bridesmaids hair on their big day is a way to do that. Having a professional hairstylist do your hair on your big day allows for less stress, confusion, and keeps you on time. There is nothing worse than thinking you can accomplish a pretty hairstyle and have it backfire the day of.

2- Not booking a trial before the wedding day. Hairstylists love to get to know their brides and see what they will be working with as well as get a sense of style and timing down before the big day. I recommend having a trial at least a month in advance of the wedding date.

3- Changing the color, style, or texture of your hair close to your wedding day. You want to look like a more polished you on your big day, not like a different person. If you want to experiment with color or styles, plan far enough in advance to be able to change the color or grow out your hair before your big day.

4- Having over processed, frizzy, or dull hair. Talk to your stylist about deep conditioning or clear gloss treatments you can have done to optimize the shine and health of your hair. A clear gloss is a demi-permanent color treatment that creates amazing shine, and improves the texture of your hair by filling in and sealing any rough patches, allowing light to reflect off the smooth surface of your hair. You can have a color added to the gloss for a more vibrant natural color, or keep it clear for added shine. You should also start deep conditioning your hair at least once a week a few months before your wedding for optimal moisture and strand health.

5- Not trimming your ends before the wedding. There is nothing worse than seeing a head full of split ends, so make sure you get regular trims in the months leading up to your wedding to remove splits and breakage. A half inch every 2-3 months still allows for hair growth while keeping the ends healthy.

6- Choosing a style that doesn’t suit your face shape, dress style, or theme. Having dated hair with a modern dress, or big and wild avant garde hair for a conservative ceremony just doesn’t work, so pay attention to styles that flatter your face, dress and work with your overall theme.

7- Not taking care of your insides. What you put into your body is reflected in your hair and skin, so make sure you drink lots of water and eat a balanced diet to maintain hair luster and overall beauty.

8- Letting your stylist push you into a style that you don’t love. Remember, this day will be immortalized in pictures and possibly on film, and if you don’t feel confident or happy with the way you look, it will be reflected in those pictures. Make sure you come prepared by having a clear idea of what you do and do not like,  and bringing in pictures of hairstyles you like, whether it be the whole hairstyle, or a single bit like the bangs, or the back. Giving your stylist a clear picture of what you would like to see allows them to create a style that is flattering and makes you feel confident and beautiful. If you don’t get the right style in your first trial, ask for another one and come prepared with pictures or ideas to help them along.

9- Not having an emergency kit. Make sure you are prepared with bobby pins that match your hair color, and a small can of hairspray to tackle any drooping styles or wayward strands after your stylist has left. You can also schedule touch up services with many stylists, and have them stay through the ceremony to make sure your hair is perfectly in place before the reception. This is also a good time to have them tweak the style so it is a little different for the reception. An updo from the ceremony can be taken down for loose flowing locks at the reception, or something similar. Ask your stylist what their rates are for touch up services.

10- Letting the nerves or stress get to you. Relax, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, and if you allow all of the little things to get to you, you won’t be able to enjoy the hard work and long months of planning. Remember that you will be the only person who knows if something doesn’t go just right, so don’t sweat the small stuff and let things be. If a few curls slip from your style, or a pin falls out, find a quick fix or let it be a more natural look.

Horrid headware

Billy came up with a sister website to, this one is, and would highlight some of the most hideous hats, beanies, and caps that are being sold today. Take for instance the kiosk in the mall that sells 100% wool hand-made beanies with poms and ear flaps in the shape of animals. Or the hats that Andrew from the Real World D.C. wears, which are quite literally stuffed animals such as pandas, skunks and other such silliness turned into hats.

He also dislikes hunter caps with the tie up flaps à la Elmer Fudd, and Russian fur hats, not sure what they are called, but anytime a Russian dancer comes to mind I imagine the big fuzzy hats.

He is less picky about headwear than footwear, but still has his predispositions and would like them known, or at least be able to cash in on the gullible people who want to wear the atrocities.